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a year ago

Howl at the Moon

Do you have a sneaking suspicion your friends may be ware-animals? Check your friend's ware-wolf status on a beautiful moonlit kayak trip! At Oleta State Park, it's a full moon party for kayakers (accepting of all wares). During the full moon, book a spot with the Blue Moon Outdoor Center. They offer moonlight kayaking tours through Miami's mangrove trails and waterways. The trip leads to Oleta's private beach for a bonfire and smores. Your kayak may flip, the glow stick & moonlight...See More

Don't think you can travel long-term? Check out this budget.

To get an idea of what you’ll likely spend on the road, here’s a sample of what I spent for a month in Laos, a wonderful gap year destination, but also not the cheapest country in Asia: LAOS SAMPLE SPENDING — 30 days Food: I spent about $5/meal = $15/day = $450 Housing: $20/night for a private room in Luang Prabang (hostel rooms were $10 but I was writing a lot so I wanted my privacy) = $600 Transportation (ground): Dirt cheap. Walked everywhere and mostly hitchhiked in the rural areas....See More

Live chat at 2 EST: (how to) long-term travel

Today at 2pm EST, we're chatting about how to travel the world long-term. We'll talk about stories we have, stories we've heard, sacrifices we've made for travel, and tips on how to streeeetch our budgets so we can travel, more, more, more. Join us if you can!

What it REALLY takes to travel long-term

Let's get the real world stuff out of the way before we dive deeper into the awesome world of long-term travel. It's not glamorous, these facts, but it's a #traveltruth. 1. Practice sound financial practices. Ideally, this means you have little to no debt and a strong savings regimen. You have clear values that help you prioritize where you spend your money. You’re happy with how you spend your money, too. 2. Save, save, save. I recommend saving $1000 for every month you want to spend on...See More

Budget travel live chat: Places to stay

Chat with us now about places to stay on a budget! WWoofing, Couchsurfing, staying in hostels...let’s have fun talking about our stories from the road, and share our experiences and tips on how to make budget accommodations enjoyable. Join us now!

7 must-know safety tips for women traveling solo

At Matador, we’re not interested in labelling people and places with sanitized descriptions like “The locals are so friendly!” We believe in telling the truth about travel: This week we’ll be taking an in-depth, totally honest look at what it’s like to travel alone as a female. Today, writer Miriam Anderson keeps it real with 7 must-know tips on doing just that: “Traveling alone has opened my eyes to so much, especially about myself. That being said, I’ve learned the hard way that when...See More

The world's BEST stargazing is in...

1. Chile Chile’s Atacama Desert mixes high altitude, dry air, and an absence of light pollution — a perfect recipe for some of the world’s best stargazing. Also, The Observatorio Cerro Mamalluca offers public tours. 2. Hawaii Hawaii is also a highly regarded destination for viewing the stars. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it’s relatively untouched by light pollution. The best spot in the island chain is the volcano of Mauna Kea on the Big Island. At an altitude of 9,000 feet, it’s...See More

Sounds so fun. Lol I'd do it for the smores - end goal.


I once saw a UFO on a kayaking trip at night on peace river. One other person saw it with me. No one believed us. Not saying it was aliens, just an unidentifiable flying object that defied the normal laws of air travel. With kayaking at night, there is always a story.