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Android to add ‘DNS over TLS’ to keep ISPs from spying on you

Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system, will soon enable a security protocol that helps keep internet service providers (ISPs) from spying on users. “DNS over TLS” adds a level of encryption to your DNS requests that are (mostly) inaccessible by your ISP.

With Android Phone, You Can Carry Your PC in Your Pocket!

It’s upstairs and I’m in bed, I do have a laptop but it’s too heavy and there are a lot of wires to plug and unplug every time I move it. There are plenty of such reasons to have a remote control for your computer.

Which Platform to Choose First - Android or IOS or Both?

Until now you must have waded through various native app versus responsive website debates and decided to go with a native app. The next thing to figure out is the age-old question: "iOS or Android?"

How to switch from iPhone to Android, on Samsung, Pixel and more

I’m referring to hopping over from iPhone to Android, in search of greener pastures. Whether you’re fed up with Apple’s limiting iOS platform, poor battery life, or perhaps you just want a lot more selection in devices – including Google’s just-revealed Pixel 2 (from $649) or Pixel 2 XL (from $849) – you’re ready to jump ship.

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After several weeks of speculation and leaked details, today Google officially unveiled its first big foray into mobile payments in Asia. The Android and search giant has launched Tez, a new mobile wallet in India that will let users link up their phones to their bank accounts.

Qualcomm claims Android always beats the iPhone to new features

Qualcomm today published a somewhat self-congratulatory blog post that lauds the company and its Android partners for achieving a series of industry firsts that include wireless charging, dual-camera systems, OLED smartphone screens, edge-to-edge displays, and more.

Get improved google assistant with the new Android oreo

We all know very well that Google has just officially launched Android 8.0 Oreo. And we get all news related to Android Oreo in all major site. There are lots of new and updated features are available with Android 8.

Do You Know Android P Development Has Already Started?

Google has already started developing Android P which may be called Android 9.0, as suggested by the Master Branch of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) which already contains some references to the upcoming iteration of the company’s ubiquitous operating system which will presumably be introduced in 2018.

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