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Birthday Vegan Breakfast💕

My local vegan cafè serves this delicious Vegan Breakfast Muffin Sandwich made with a Gluten Free English muffin, Homemade Bean "Sausage", and topped with Cashew "Cream Cheese" and Micro Greens. I also got a free Chickory Coffee with homemade almond milk and a free dairyfree chocolate because it's my birthday hehe 👌🏼 And always gotta have my green juice... I order my juice from the juice bar at my local supermarket because the prices are cheaper and the sizes are bigger. I love having these...See More

As some of you might know I run a website called Veggie Athletic, we post daily articles on everything and anything to do with veganism. Think tips, reviews, interviews, opinion posts etc. trying to promote the lifestyle and offer a bit of insight here and there. I'm pretty proud how much it's grown in just the short few months it's been live. It's almost developed into a fully-fledged part-time job! If you'd be kind enough, it would be a big help if you went over to our Facebook page and...See More

World Vegan Day ✨

Happy World Vegan Day 🌱🌍🐶 Choosing compassion and caring about myself, the animals and our planet was the best decision I've ever made 💗 All animals deserve to be treated equally and not made to suffer - Friends not Food 🐻🐯🐨 I've never felt so energised, full of love, and happy than by being vegan 🤗 (Also slightly obsessed with this amazing T-Shirt 🙊)

Another celebrity promoting fur

It's pretty disappointing to see a big idol promote something which is so horrific and cruel. You have to think the amount of influence she's having on people just helps to exploit and murder thousands more animals. More embarrassingly for her she's getting plenty of hate in the comments and deleting them all to try and save her reputation. And people saying eating vegetables and not wanting to hurt animals is 'weird' and 'strange'! The only thing 'weird' is killing animals, slicing their...See More

My lunch/dinner💕

Vegan Tofu "Lasagna" Layered by sautéd onions and zucchini, this dish gives me the perfect fix for Italian and cheese that i crave . So delicious and filling.

It's sad to think how short we end so many other animals life's. As much as someone may argue, there's nothing natural about meat, dairy or eggs.

Those of you who are into Game of Thrones, who knew he was vegan? Always so uplifting to see celebrities actively promote veganism and animal rights!

There is no denying these facts. So shocking to see it laid down as a percentage of the natural life span