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All creatures great and small

a month ago

It's so important for more people to switch to a vegan diet, it's amazing for your health, the animals and the environment. Hopefully trends continue and we see more and more people turn to veganism!

2 months ago

619 Million Animals every 5 days

I found this shocking statistic a few days ago & used it in my minor project presentation. If this doesn't put it into perspective, I don't know what will.

3 months ago

6 months ago

Hell yeah. So many people worry about driving vs walking to the corner shop or whatever because of their carbon footprint, but THIS is where we can all make a huge difference

I think this is probably the reason that most people would go vegan! 😁 The stats about animal agriculture need more publicity but evidence is just suppressed by big companies and the media 🙃😩

Love this kind of thing. People always go on about how they want to save the planet so these facts are so helpful