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Merry Christmas!🎄🎄🎄

Happy Christmas everyone! I've been so busy lately so it's been nice to just sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities today! I hope you all had a lovely day - unfortunately I didn't manage to get photos of christmas lunch but it was amazing!😍😍 Thought I'd show you these two perfumes my mam got me from the Library of Fragrance (she actually got them from Boots 😄) They smell DIVINE. I've used them both so I've been walking around smelling of cookies and ice cream 😍 Library of Fragrance are...See More

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Makeup Monsters Cosmetics

Found this on Facebook early this morning (thank you insomnia,) Makeup Monsters Cosmetics - and was just wondering if anyone has tried them? They're vegan and cruelty free and I think they look great! They've got a variety of liquid lipsticks that I really want to try but shipping costs more than the product itself 😅🙄 While typing this I just found that they do also sell them on various online UK stores! Might be time to treat myself... What are your...See More

Vegan Perfume

I usually buy my perfumes from Eden Perfumes ( ) But last month i came across a company called FairyPants ( ) who do vegan makeup, lip balms, lip scrubs, nail varnishes, jewellery and perfumes! I decided to try out a couple of the perfumes as they sounded amazing! I chose Irish Cream and Milk Bottle - the latter is very vanillery, it's sweet and soft so you'll love it if you're a fan of vanilla! (Luckily I am 😍) The Irish cream...See More

3 months ago

Monster ball!

Gearing up for Halloween with this Lush monster bath bomb 👌🏼 this had the most gorgeous colours and also left this totally creepy 'blood' residue on the surface of the bath, very cool. I've got a Lord of Misrule bath bomb to try too, very exciting! Do you guys have any Lush Halloween favourites? (Or Christmas... I like to think ahead 😉)

Lush lipstick block!

Bit of a different post today, but thought I'd do a little review on my new Lush lipstick block. The idea with this product is that you can mix the different shades together to create new blends of colour, so you're actually getting quite a few different shades for the price you pay. It goes on quite light but it a strong colour for how light it feels. Downsides include the fact that you have to apply it with a brush so it's not great for taking around with you! What are your favourite...See More

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