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Happy Oktoberfest! #Prost

What are your Oktoberfest plans this Friday? As you may or may not know, this is the last weekend to celebrate Volksfest (aka Beer Festival) in Miami! Weather permitting, of course. And perfect timing since it's also Germany's Beer Festival, Deutschland Volksfest. It goes without saying that we love the food and beer, but most of all we can't get enough of the outfits. A great place to celebrate, eat and check out the Bavarian dirndl dresses this weekend is Fritz and Franz block party. Now,...See More

The Secret (Beer) Garden

This local spot is where locals go for a stay-cation day. Complete with a pool, Lou's Beer Garden has a fun crowd, awesome food and drinks. Happy hours include oysters and go from 4:30-8:30PM. Beer Brunch Sundays are a must if you haven't been. What makes a good beer garden in your opinion? 7337 Harding Ave (Inside The New Hotel) Miami Beach

Cheers to Beers

A little off the beaten path, Beer Street is a fun, cozy place to test out some high quality brews. It’s got an awesome collection of local beers and a constant rotation of taps so you can get around to tasting something new just about every week. If you’re not sure which to choose, the bartenders can help you as they’re extremely knowledgeable in the art of beer. You can also order a 4 oz taste for about 3 or 4 dollars until you find the brew for you. #BeerisLife #HappyHour #CheerstoBeers

Beer of the day

Delirium Red. This is an 8% cherry beer with a deep red colour and scent of cherry sweets. It's also quite sweet in flavour, nothing like a Kriek. This might be good for people who don't like "real" cherry beers, but it's not the finest work of the Delirium folks

Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait

I've posted before about Boon's magnificent Mariage Parfait gueuze, and here we have today's beer of the day, the Kriek of the seas family. As you might expect, this is superb, super-sour, 8% and the perfect accompaniment to a summer evening

Beer of the day: Bacchus Frambozenbier. This is a bit different, a Flemish brown beer brewed with raspberries. Not as sour as a lambic, but still with an edge, and certainly far from being anything like one of those fruit ciders that I understand are popular in certain parts... 5% very pleasant on a warm summer evening

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