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2 days ago

Bi Ranting

I think there so many misconceptions and stereotypes attached to bisexuality which truly does sadden me. Please remember that if you identify as bi/pan, you are not confused and your feelings are 100% valid and real. I feel like I've said this a lot in other bi posts I've made but I will keep on saying it. I will keep on saying it till society & the world understands. We cannot stop fighting for ALL members of our community until we ALL have achieved equality - this sounds impossible...See More

14 days ago

Bi Health Month - Be An Ally!

It's Bi Health Month!! Don't forget to show you support 💜 Learn more here: (and spread the word if you'd like) - the more we bring awareness to bisexual health and issues, the more united we will become)

19 days ago

20 days ago

It's a very common thing to misunderstand what Bisexuality means and these pie graphs sum it up perfectly! There isn't really "one" definition, there's multiple, and it will differ from person to person. So if you ever find that one of your friends/family members/colleagues or even a stranger comes across as having a hard time understanding what bi means, show them this! 🙂

It's hard to believe that bis are marginalized, sometimes even within the community. For my part, I find it so easy to accept people for who they are, just as I was accepted for the same reasons.