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a year ago

Join us! We're live chatting about travel blogging

This Thursday at 2pm EST, chat with Matador about the dream job: travel blogging. We'll talk about how to get started, how to be successful, the do's and don'ts, and travel blogs we love...and hate. Join us!

i mean, sort of, yeah? If I wanted it more I would think I would be better at it? My real dream is to be my own boss, and travel blogging seems like a cool way to do that.

Facts. I feel that about myself. i wanted to be a psychologist for the longest time, and then I realized, "my opinion is my opinion, wtf should someone rely on it for? thats terrifying!"

It always feels like false passion. Like everyone's just copying the same SEO friendly titles from each other's blogs 'how to travel for free!' 'how to become a pro blogger and ditch your 9-5!' it feels like the equivalent of 'earn $60 working from home' adverts that crop up everywhere. it just feels phoney.

lets do one last question that's a bit more positive, haha: whats the last thing you wrote that you really like?

to get all miss world, it was a petition against caste discrimination in indian universities. i run an amnesty letter writing group where i live, and one of guy who comes is dalit caste, and he was telling me all about this epidemic of suicides in the unis in india because of caste discrimination, saying he was going to protests against it in calgary and edmonton this month. i couldn't go to...See More

I want to blog on things that matter and things that are "nerdier"...I hate feeling like I'm trying to fit a pretty instragram friendly mold. Writing this was fun because I got to geek out about climate change and impending doom. And pretty things.

GLACIERSSSSS DON'T GOOOOOOO. I met a glaciologist last week. I was so excited! But he was too smart, and too expert, and so he made something so interesting sound so boring. Oh well.

I'm all for reading more nerdy, more interesting stuff. Hard stuff written in interesting, accessible ways. I'm all over it. I'd love to be a science writer. But I don't understand science. Goddamn.