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9 days ago

Quebec has seen many snowfalls, but the last 24 hours will surely go down as the worst in decades. I regret not having taken any pics, but images of the blizzard are widely circulating online. Here's just a snippet of what we had to face. Get the shovels out!

2 months ago

You know when you're having one of those days where you just feel ... meh..? Well that's me, I just want to be finished with next week already, so much stuff happening :0

Goodness me, such warm weather today, sweet! But that means no cuddling tonight, it's too hot! :0 At least there's something to look forward to in winter :)

Nothing better than a nice warm cuddle on a windy January! But it ended in a serious tickle fight, and I think I won :) Pascal's still laughing!

It's been over 3 months since I've seen my dad, now we've had the entire evening to ourselves :) I am cery grateful to have hkm as a father! :D

No matter how long you are in a relationship with someone, every day feels like the first! Again, I enjoyed a quiet evening out with Pascal (call it a date) and I had such a nice time :) it's good to get out of the house and enjoy things together! My year's off to a pretty darn good start!

Update on cheesecake: Pascal approves! Unfortunately, no photos (I know I said I'd post some). I like making stuff and watch Pascal enjoy them, so cute :) xxx

Perks of finishing work early? Get to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening with my soulmate, and enjoying every last second of it :) way to start the new year! Now, it's time to put my effort in my first ever homemade cheesecake! Photos to come!

Wow! From an Australian perspective this is so cool to see but I imagine the frustration as it would be annoying to shovel all that snow - especially if you need to be heading to work/uni

@Georgia from your perspective, it's super safe! You're miles and miles away from this horror; 3 people died in my province and their deaths are being blamed on the blizzard. Hence, those were 2 rough days.