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2 hours ago

I shared a cautionary tale about failed Kickstarter campaigns recently. Now I'm looking into Patreon, it seems like an interesting option for artistic projects. Although seems to require a specific niche and strong following accordingly to this article Is anyone thinking of using Patreon?

18 hours ago

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a day ago

Quick dinner tonight because I am just so stressed out about exams - first one tomorrow! I mixed some cous cous and Greek salad (they're from different cultures, I know, but still a delicious meal) 😋 How was your day?

When I was at school my teacher told us to dial the radio so it's in between stations and you just hear static to block out background noises and help focus. And wouldn't you just know it, now there is a YouTube video for that! Do you still use methods you were taught in school to get your work done?

About saying 'Yes' or 'No'

When I was new in my industry, I said 'Yes' to everything, thereby having as many opportunities as possible. But gradually when I've established myself in the industry, I tend to say 'No' more often because now I can be more discerning and should be more discerning so that my time is spent doing the right things. - Just some thoughts after watching the movie "Yes Man".

2 days ago

Finding Your Focus

This morning I am having a tough time focusing for the day. Maybe it's because I had Monday off, maybe it's from having too much on my mind. Regardless, I was all over the place this morning! I eventually got on track to get done the tasks I needed for the day, but it took a bit. How do you find your focus for the day?

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