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9 hours ago

a day ago

After thinking my motors were finally on their way out..

I've been getting a lot of vibrations whilst flying my QAV-R. Started checking my motors for bent shafts.. Turns out ALL of Mt standoffs are broken and one has actually completely come off haha! Moral of the story, always do a visual inspection on the basics first!

2 days ago

3 days ago

Sometimes old is new! I tested these motors a year ago and they where not a big deal. But with today's super light frames they out perform 5" props. This quad was clocked at 92mph with 4" props and 4s battery!

4 days ago


My first builds first flight

Got the other half to try and video my first drone that I have builts first flight. Must say I love it and look forward to getting out again and again. She couldn't keep up or know where I had gone abit of it but I enjoyed it. NEED MORE BATTERIES 😂

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