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2 months ago

What Is a Food Allergy and What Sort of Treatment Is Available?

Sometimes you may feel very uncomfortable after eating a particular food item. In such circumstances, you could experience an itching sensation in your mouth, dizziness, abdominal pain, eczema, diarrhoea or parts of your face may start to swell. If you visit your doctor with any of these symptoms, this expert will inform you that you are suffering from a food allergy. This medical condition is common in most adults and children, especially babies. In such a situation, such a professional may...See More

a year ago

Linda McCartney Quarter Pounder

So whose tried one (or two) of these bad boys? πŸ˜‚ They are so nice! And so much better for you than a circular piece of animal too πŸ‘ Sandwhiched in between a Lidl High Protein roll, I managed to pack in over 65grams of protein, which is more than what a sedentary person needs a day. Just saying πŸ’πŸΌ Not hard to get your protein in... At all πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺ

Embrace the taste

This muesli is gorgeous! I love Rude Health and waited for my discount to finally give this a go! Shame Rude Health products are generally so expensive :/ Also got their Brown Rice Milk too but the Coconut Drink is my absolute favourite! What is your favourite Rude Health Product?

Chocolate Vegan Protein

Ok ok, I know I've pushed Myprotein's Vegan Blend pretty hard, but that was before I tried Sci-Mx Nutrition's V-Gain Powder! This chocolate flavoured protein has a better nutritional profile as it comes with other supplements e.g. Bcaa's, Glutamine, Creatine and it tastes better than Myprotein's one so win win! Plus i managed to get 4.4 kg for just £32 as I got them really cheap from LoveHealthHateWaste online ☺️ Happy days xD

Tesco's High Protein Pasta

So this pasta features quite a lot in my diet. Great for a post workout meal considering the protein to carbohydrate ratio is roughly 1:3 which is optimal for recovery πŸ‘Œ Had this today with Granose Chargrilled Style Burgers using their soya mix, a few herbs and a lovely salad while watching The Grand Tour 😊

Simplicity is bliss

I love edmame beans in their pods. Such a great started/snack that is filling, low cal and a great source of protein! I usually use the Tabasco chipotle source but I didn't have any so I topped them with chilli powder, lemon juice and black pepper 😁

My Favourites- Beetroot Supplements?

Not too sure if this even comes under supplements but... Beetroot=PR's. I've found that concentrated beetroot either in these gels or Beet It shots really give my endurance a boost. This is supported by science too obviously as the high levels of nitrate (400mg being the optimum) increase the oxygen availability to the aerobically respiring muscles which means longer muscular/cardiovascular endurance ☺️ Throwback to the time when my favourite independent health food shop owner sold me all...See More

New Product on the Block

This new tofu block that I got from Tesco was really nice πŸ˜‹ Makes a change from the Cauldron one, was just right for adding to my Miso Soup that I made 😊 Is there any new products you've seen recently and liked?

My Favourites - Flavdrops

Myprotein's Flavdrops are seriously one of my favourite products because they make everything taste better 😝 I add Toffee or Mocha to porridge and the other types to smoothies or shakes; just five drops of these zero sugar/ calorie concentrated flavourings make bland food taste incredible 😊 Used them for years, Toffee, Rasberry and White Chocolate are the best ✌️ The picture shows what I won as a little Twitter competition ☺️

What are you working on this weekend?

Saturdays are my 'no screen day' so I'm working on my crochet blanket and munching on couscous avo and mango. What about you?

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