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BOOze and Treats

As of yesterday, this always casual and relaxed gastropub is going ghoulish until Hallows' Eve. In addition to their ever flowing variety of craft beers, they'll be serving up devilishly fall-themed cocktails and chilling treats all week. If you've got an eclectic palate, consider trying their rabbit sausage or crispy frog legs. Don't worry picky eaters, they've also got sandwiches and salads for the choosing as well. When you find yourself beaming with joy, take a picture with their...See More


Let the feast beggggggggggggin!!! I'm coming for ya Big Mozz. And Home Frite. And anything that looks delicious. Eating my way through Saturday :)

Snuck in at just the right time

This coffee shop, La Colombe, always has a line out the door. So worth it! Simple menu with 5 coffee options and a variety of baked goods. Coffee is just right in flavor and temperature. Only place in the city that serves it piping hot! Sighhh, gonna go back to my coffee now.

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