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6 months ago

Sweet Potato Toast

And here's me thinking that I couldn't love sweet potatoes anymore πŸ™Š Discovered sweet potato toast a few days ago and let me tell you, it's a definite life changer! SO GOOD 😍 Had sweet potato toast three ways: * PB + Banana + Cinnamon * Coconut Yoghurt + Blueberries + Chia Seeds * Hummus + Spinach + Tomato + Pepper Have you tried sweet potato toast?

Buddha Bowl

This has become another standard in my daily life ever since I've gone vegan. So easy and versatile to make, not to mention incredibly yummy :) Buddha bowls allow you to throw together whatever starches and vegetables you have at home, and create something delicious! For dinner tonight I had sweet potato fries, grilled corn, baked zucchini, lemon-infused kale and cherry tomatoes. What's your go-to buddha bowl combination? I'm currently obsessed with incorporating grilled corn

Sushi Goodness

Sushi is definitely one of my favorite meals to have! And it's surprisingly easy to make yourself :) It has become somewhat of a tradition for me to have Sushi once a week on Sunday's! I simply thinly slice whatever vegetables I feel like for the filling and them make my sushi rolls. No matter what combinations I create, it always tastes delicious! These ones are filled with cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers and tomatoes. What're your favorite sushi fillings?

I'm enjoying your photography!! Beautiful and tasty. Really interested In trying this out, what's the texture like? Is it squidgy?

I wish I was as good at taking photos as you are! πŸ˜” the hummus, spinach, tomato and pepper one sounds delicious 😍

@Jaspyr haha yeah it sounds odd at first, but it's really good! You just can't go wrong with sweet potatoes πŸ™Š

@Nathaniel Wallis thank you! But tbh, I probably spend way too much time making food look pretty πŸ™Š that's what having a food IG does to you πŸ˜…πŸ˜¬

@SabyAurora thank you so much!! No it's not squidgy at all. It caramelises a bit, and is like one big fat "sweet potato fry" 😊