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Beware! Fluoridated water... Just kidding 😋 Bought this new Brita Graphite filter and am very pleased with it! Noticed that the water at my accommodation is more cloudy than I would like it to be so I thought I'd get a water filter :) Not sure if there are actual health benefits of drinking filtered water however, as I know you won't get as many trace minerals, conversely you also don't get trace chemicals or pollutants- there's lots of studies leaning towards both sides of the argument but...See More

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Exam Room Supplies & Emergency Medical Products

Find medical exam room supplies, medical cups and containers, table paper, hot and cold therapy supplies, prep pads, swabs, applicators, Tissues and Towels from

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PSA- Vegan Blend for under £10!

This is the best price I've seen for this and it is a product and company I fully stand by :) Anyone bought anything good as part of Cyber weekend? 😊

Throwback to Summer

I know we've just came out of summer, but I miss it so much already! It really dawned on me that summer is now over when I finished Uni in the dark the other day. The dark! Fortunately the weather is still holding up and by holding up I mean doing anything but raining. As long as it's not raining all is ok 😂 Anyway what I was going to say was that since turning vegan I've found I have a lot more energy. And with more energy comes more time for training, and more training equals more strength...See More

VGang Cookbook

For everyone asking about a good vegan cookbook, I recently downloaded this one and am loving the recipes! Ill post some of the dishes over the proceeding weeks but I would really recommend it for anyone! Simple and really tasty flavourful recipes. Plus Ethics and Antics is a vegan company that donates 10% of proceeds to Hasletts Animal Sanctuary so I like knowing my money is going somewhere good :) Also made an order for some of their clothes so I can't wait until they come. Link to the...See More

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