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High Quality Retractable Pool Enclosure

Cover in Play is the leading manufacturer of Swimming Pool Enclosures. We have a huge range of custom built enclosure products that keep pools safe and clean. We manufacture fixed pool enclosures, retractable pool enclosures, fully automatic patio and restaurant enclosures. Our Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosures turn your outdoor pool into an indoor pool paradise with a push of a button. Visit our website and enjoy life, inside and out.

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Best Place to Buy Bathtubs

Discover every style of bathtub you are looking for your bathroom at Kiva Rhyme. We have wide selection of bathtubs that are available in a variety of styles & sizes. Our all Bathtubs made with acrylics that are warm to the touch, light, and easy to clean. Explore Best Place to Buy Bathtubs online today!

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Hand Wash Station for Rent

Our Hand Wash Stations provide a cost-effective, convenient way for event goers to keep their hands clean over the duration of their attendance. Station includes paper towel dispenser.

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