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6 days ago

Significance of Health Insurance For Individuals and Corporates In a fast moving world full of uncertainties, health insurance plays a significant role in providing security to individuals during medical emergency. Corporate houses can also add value to their employee’s health with an affordable health insurance policy which covers major expenses for hospitalization arising out of illness or mishaps. Read More :-...See More

How to Prevent Rejection of Health Insurance Claim in India Unexpected medical issues can take place anytime and therefore one must be prepared mentally, physically and financially to deal with the things. The right health insurance plan can offer you the peace of mind of being financially prepared to deal with any unforeseen medical issues. You also need to claim the insurance! Read More :-

a month ago

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Group Medical #Insurance Policy #Wittyfeed As an employer, the well-being of your employees is of utmost importance. It is essential that your employees have access to the best possible medical care in case of emergencies and illness. A corporate plan medical plan for all your employees is the best way forward. Shared below are 5 factors to consider before you finalize a medical insurance policy for your organization’s employees. Read More:-...See More

A Guide to Making Overseas Travel Insurance Claims If you have purchased an insurance policy to cover your foreign travel, then you should also make yourself aware of the process for making a claim. Don’t wait for an unfortunate incident to catch you off-guard, instead, be conversant on how to manage your overseas travel insurance policy documents, the importance of notifying the insurer on time and documents required to support your claim. Read More :-...See More

Want To Save Tax? 5 Ways to Save Income Tax The ending of every financial year brings with it the need to plan your tax savings to minimize the deduction of taxes from your hard earned money.Salaried individuals and business owners frantically look for ways to save tax by consulting the tax planners who offer advice to tax payers to save their taxes legally. Buying a health insurance is one way to save taxes. Read More :-

How to Compare Effectiveness of Health Insurance Policy A health insurance policy is a tool offered by companies to allow you to receive the best treatment and care whenever the need arises. When you compare and buy the best policy, it ensures that you get best treatment on cashless or reimbursement basis. Read More :-

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