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international students

14 days ago

Don't know if any of you have heard of the avocado cookbook but as an avocado lover I find it really creative! Here's some quinoa with jerk shrimps and avocado πŸ˜‹

15 days ago

16 days ago

Here's a grainy salad to get in all the energy needed today! It had brown rice, feta, tomatoes, avocado, chick peas, fresh spinach and mint! What kind of food makes you feel good?

17 days ago

Visited a Magnum pleasure store today and was so amazed 😍 you can pick the cream filling of your ice cream, the chocolate, three crunchy toppings and the other chocolate you'd like dripped on top. I have to say it is quite something to get through but it really is incredible!! Have any of you ever been to one?

18 days ago

19 days ago

Digging in to some Italian hams and focaccia in London 😍 so exciting to eat some good food from your home country! What did you have for dinner?

20 days ago

This crumble made me so happy today! It tasted just like how my mom makes it at home 😌 What food reminds you of home or family?

21 days ago

One of the most incredible views I have ever seen is in London! Went to Sky Bar for dinner and it was just so beautiful, it was all in glass so you could see every corner of this amazing city! 😍😍 Have any of you ever been?

22 days ago

23 days ago

Recently got a free graze box sent because of a voucher I received and I had some mixed thoughts. I think the idea of having healthy snacks portioned is really nice but I don't think I'd spend money on it personally because I can make some snacks myself. What are your thoughts if you've tried it?