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iPhone 8 may include 3D laser to support AR apps

Apple is reportedly working hard to build a 3D laser into the rear of the iPhone 8, which would enable better depth detection for augmented reality applications.

6 months ago

Three news organisations have asked a US judge to force the government to reveal the amount it paid for technology to unlock an iPhone used by the San Bernardino gunman. In the court filings, the organisations said that there was "no adequate justification" for the FBI to continue to withhold the information.

7 months ago

Apple is to start making iPhones in the southern Indian state of Karnataka

Apple has a 2% share of India's mobile phone market, well behind South Korean rival Samsung. Apple has yet to officially confirm the plan, saying only that it is keen to "invest significantly" in India. But Priyank Kharge, minister of information technology and biotechnology in Karnataka, told the AFP news agency: "We have an understanding with Apple and we expect them to start manufacturing in Karnataka by the end of April."

Apple topples Samsung as world's biggest smartphone maker

Strategy Analytics said that the US tech company regained the top spot after selling 78.3 million handsets in the final quarter of 2017, while Samsung sold 77.5 million. "This was the iPhone’s best performance for over a year, as Apple capitalised on Samsung’s recent missteps," said Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics. "Samsung lost momentum in the quarter as a result of its Note 7 battery fiasco."

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9 months ago

The discussion about the iPhone 8 has started

And guess what it's about....... The curved, bezel-free design - we didn't get it in the iPhone 7 so we will talk about it in relation to the iPhone 8 no that's not the latest.... "The company is supposedly looking to implement a module into the iPhone 8 that will connect to a transmitter...plugged into a wall outlet. This setup will then allow the iPhone 8 to charge as long as it's within 15-feet of the transmitter."

10 months ago

Apples patent application for a flip phone

Just because they can doesn't mean they will...... According to 'Patently Apple' this is "a perspective view of an illustrative electronic device such as a future iPhone that bends along a flexible portion such as a flexible seam associated with a hinge."

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