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How to switch from iPhone to Android, on Samsung, Pixel and more

I’m referring to hopping over from iPhone to Android, in search of greener pastures. Whether you’re fed up with Apple’s limiting iOS platform, poor battery life, or perhaps you just want a lot more selection in devices – including Google’s just-revealed Pixel 2 (from $649) or Pixel 2 XL (from $849) – you’re ready to jump ship.

17 days ago

IOS 11 on The iPhone X is Going to be Huge, Do You Know Why?

Within a span of few hours, Apple succeeded in grabbing the attention of the tech world especially after the introduction of the highly anticipated iPhone X. The brand new edgeless OLED display gives the most significant design change to the iphone form factor seen all these years.

a month ago

How Apple’s iPhone has Transformed Lives!

The technology of iphone was transformed in 2007, but it was the app store that changed our lives later on. From picking a restaurant to sharing dinner posts on Instagram, hiring a cab at home, the world has an insatiable appetite for new and better apps.


After several rumors and leaks, Apple’s Trio of the new iPhones i.e. the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (pronounced “ten”) is officially announced today. All the three devices share similar features such as IOS 11, wireless charging, better cameras, edge-to-edge display etc.

3 months ago

iPhone 8 may include 3D laser to support AR apps

Apple is reportedly working hard to build a 3D laser into the rear of the iPhone 8, which would enable better depth detection for augmented reality applications.

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