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Apple are pretty good at knowing what people will buy

According to a recent study by Slice Intelligence, 75% of all headphones sold in December were of the wireless variety. Notably, December was the month Apple’s wireless AirPods became available. Slice noted that on the day of the AirPod launch, spending on headphones grew ten times greater than the pre-holiday average for 2016, calling it “the largest single day of online headphone spending last year.” Read more: Apple Crushed Wireless Headphones Sales in December (AAPL, SSNLF) |...See More

iOS developer Deucks developed "Finder for AirPods" to help people who had lost an Apple Earpod to track it down using bluetooth. "Similar in interface to Bluetooth trackers like Tile, Finder for AirPods uses(d) an arc to assist users in finding a lost AirPod nearby" "Used" and apposed to "use" as the app was removed from the app store by Apple. "Apple has not confirmed the reason why the app was removed from the store"

This Monday, Jan. 9, will mark exactly 10 years to the day since the first iPhone was unveiled at the Macworld 2007 expo by Steve Jobs. "Competitors scoffed and initial sales were tepid, but by the time the formula was refined for the iPhone 3G, the iPhone quickly began to take off and ultimately defined the modern era of personal computing. Today, the iPhone is the single most important product in Apple's entire lineup, accounting for well over half of all of the company's revenue, and...See More

"Apple's AirPods are available. The wireless earbuds use Apple's new W1 chip, first announced back in September, to pair and communicate with your Apple devices. That chip is the secret to a simple setup and pairing process -- simpler than pairing any other Bluetooth device." So pairing the earbuds is trivial that might explain why I have to forget the bluetooth connection to my bluetooth headphones and toggle bluetooth on and off to get connected via bluetooth.

Have sales for the iPhone 7 peaked?

Seems a shame to break up a really good run of hashtag competition posts but here goes... Rumours about the iPhone 8 have started trickling out, it seems focus has turned to the next incarnation of the iPhone, people, it seems, appear to be looking for something different. KGI Securities Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that sales of the iPhone 7 may just have peaked and is putting this down to 2 factors. 1. Lack of spec surprises in the 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and .2. Shorter lead times for...See More

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