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a year ago

Vegan Christmas knitting!

I've just finished one half of a pair of socks for my mama - 100% acrylic yarn 😄 is anyone else making vegan gifts this year?

Sweet and sour stir fry!

Silly big smiles because sweet and sour stir fry with smoothies is the best food 👌🏼 so quick and easy (especially if you cheat and get it from the pre-packaged section... Shhh don't tell anyone!) What are your favourite 'convenience' meals?

Slipper socks!

These are some slipper socks I made for my Mum's birthday :) they're super thick and cosy and perfect for the coming cooler months. These are a great starter sock if you're looking to try something new as they knit up quick and it's easy to see what you're doing with the thicker yarn. These are also completely vegan of course! 100% acrylic. I'd be interested in tying some cotton yarns, has anyone tried these before?

Vegan knitting

Pre-vegan I used to knit a lot and one of my favourite parts was going to the yarn shop and choosing whichever yarn I wanted. Of course, now life is not so simple, but vegan knitting is certainly not impossible. This is one of my favourite chunky knit yarn brands, it's 100% acrylic and very cosy. This soft grey is about to become a bobble hat - who'd like to see the finished result when it's done? Do any of you guys knit at all?

Well done! I am sure they will be really appreciated. I am way too unskilled for this sort of thing.