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16 hours ago


Today I was walking around with Nina, then I started to skipping. Nina says that this is a sign of happiness. I stopped to think about and it's true, I always like to jump around this way when I am super happy. Hahaha happiness is a feeling that comes from inside to outside and what is responsible for that is just us and the way that we see and feel life. 🇧🇷Hoje eu estava andando com Nina, então eu comecei a andar dando pulinhos. Nina diz que isso é um sinal de felicidade. Eu parei para...See More

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7 days ago

Today I was reading the comments on our last video and they made me cry. I feel so happy to be able to help people around the world. I think it is super important you help our world to be better. Some people choose to help the animals, others children, others planet. Doesn't matter who you help, what matters is you do something to help. You can help the animals by being vegetarian, it helps the planet if you stop eating meat 🌎 You can help the children by doing volunteer work, or a...See More

8 days ago

Hi Guys new video is up on our channel! After some recent backlash we really wanted to create this video as a reminder to all that GAY IS OK AND WE ARE HERE TO STAY !!! We are here for you guys. I hope you enjoy it! 🇧🇷Amores o que vcs acharam do último vídeo ?? Já está com tradução em português!! E hoje foi dia de boas notícias, no mês que vem eu e Nina estaremos no Brasil. Espero ver alguns de vcs