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Not going to lie it gets old and tedious having to "come out" regularly because of people's perception of what they think a lesbian should look like. Nina thinks its SO funny when someone congratulates her on being gay. Such an odd thing to do ??? It's happened more than once. "Oh really ? I would never have thought you were a lesbian. You don't look like one. That's awesome. So great. Congrats!" 😆😳🤔 Thoughts ?

Tonight Nina and I made a promise to each other to stretch and do yoga every day or night for minimum of 20 mins. Our bodies have been feeling so tight and we want to guide and support each other's well being. It's so important to take moments like this. If you love someone whether it be your wife, girlfriend, lover, family or friend ..... you take care of each other. 🇧🇷Hoje à noite Nina e eu fizemos uma promessa de fazermos yoga todos os dias por no mínimo 20 minutos. È super...See More

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