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2 minutes ago “The decision was really simple and has caused no significant issues,” Hayward told BuzzFeed News. “We have simply removed the labels ‘boys and girls’ and said, 'these are the uniform options, pick what feels most comfortable for you’.” 💜 Yes! All schools really should adopt this. #ClothesHaveNoGender

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Bi Ranting

I think there so many misconceptions and stereotypes attached to bisexuality which truly does sadden me. Please remember that if you identify as bi/pan, you are not confused and your feelings are 100% valid and real. I feel like I've said this a lot in other bi posts I've made but I will keep on saying it. I will keep on saying it till society & the world understands. We cannot stop fighting for ALL members of our community until we ALL have achieved equality - this sounds impossible...See More

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While today was a pretty slow, gray, and rainy day, I did have a nice trip down memory lane; finished Potter 1 book (last read it in 6th grade, 13 years ago), listened to pop music from the 90s (the songs I used to dance to in my diapers), ate meals that reminded me of my teen years. Pascal took part in all of these too! It was beautiful. emotional, and just plain good! Almost as if we took a page out of Proust's À la recherche de temps perdu (In Search of Times Lost).

2 days ago I really can't believe this is happening and out of all social networks, I'm particularly surprised and confused. We need LGBTQ+ online spaces. It's essential. YouTube, please fix this. According to Mic, this “restricted mode” meant that users under 18 would not be able to view these videos in certain...See More

Today I spent the day with my dad and sis, and a really productive day it was! I wanted to make A crate, ended up making 4 (2 for me, 2 for my sister). It was a great moment shared as a family, and we are proud of our work :) Caramel seems to approve 🐱

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