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Love is patient. Love is kind. Love makes everything better and the reality is, in this life, we need it. We need it to get through difficult times, but also to make a meaningful life. I'm not saying your life is meaningless without love, but love comes in many forms, and it does not have to be romantic to be meaningful. There's no room to hate the act of love, it's really beautiful and special if you think about it.


This was the best surprise I have ever received from a guy in my life so far. I'm so happy how its going and he is treating me like we all should be. I can see now why people long for love and puting yourself out there is the best thing to do! Xxx

7 days ago

Love day!

Did eveyrone have a nice valentines day yesterday? If you are not with someone, you should still always love yourself :)

8 days ago


So happy i just cooked chicken for the first time in years. This is a whole new of confidence for me! 😎😎😎

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16 days ago

Loving ourself

We have been friends for more than 11 years and have gone from strength to strength. Even with our sexuality and with our confidence around that subject. I learn so much from Saby and I'm so glad I have her as a best friend. xx

Relax!!!! Hahaha ❤ Making the most of it until I start Uni on the 27th.