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a year ago

Live chat: Places to travel on a budget

This Thursday at 2pm EST, chat with Matador about the cheapest places to stay. We'll talk about where we’ve been, where we’d love to go, and tips on visiting locations that stretch your money further.

Traveling through Europe permanently is cheaper than the 9-5 life. Here’s why.

There are probably many skeptics out there when it comes to the expenses of traveling. Well, let this stand as proof that if you play your cards right traveling for a living is actually cheaper than living the traditional 9-5 lifestyle. Before you pack your bags, let me break it down for you in terms of rent. All of these numbers are based on reliable sources online, along with my own life: Rent in Toronto is no joke, and every month when I sign that cheque, a piece of me dies along with...See More

9 Ways to Improve Your Couchsurfing Odds

Couchsurfing, a website that links travelers looking for convenient and free places to stay with willing locals, is one of the better resources on the web. Here’s how you can best present your Couchsurfing profile as both surfer and host. 9. Post plenty of pictures It’s always suspicious when your CSing (CouchSurfing) profile lacks any kind of personal touch; where are the pictures of you smiling with friends, family, coworkers? Let other travelers know you’re social and capable of having...See More