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Finally watching!! Has anybody else seen this new show? It's very interesting and sends an important message. Only have watched 2 episodes but I'm keen to see what happens in the following eps.

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Marvel's Iron Fist

Netflix have shared the first official trailer for upcoming TV show Iron Fist: The Marvel comic-book adaptation is focused on the character of the same name, and will arrive on the streaming service on March 17. The series, made up 13 one-hour episodes, is the fourth instalment of Netflix’s Marvel series which includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. The four shows will combine for The Defenders, an eight-episode mini-series in which the all the...See More

Stranger Things Season 2

The first trailer for Stranger Things season 2 has been released. The first taster of the hotly-anticipated Netflix show aired during Super Bowl on Sunday evening (February 5). It also contains the words ‘Halloween’, suggesting that the show will land on October 31:

Have you watched fox fire?

@Georgia on your Netflix note. This isn't really an lgbtq film as such but it definitely has an empowering tone around friendship, love and feminism. I would definitely recommend it! Let me know your thoughts!

6 months ago

Netflix vai funcionar offline e brasileiros finalmente podem sair de casa

A Netflix, plataforma mundial de streaming para séries, novelas, filmes e documentários, anunciou nesta manhã que funcioná de forma offline. Os usuários não precisarão mais estar conectados à internet para assistir ao conteúdo, bastando apenas ter acesso para fazer o download dos títulos disponíveis. A medida animou pessoas no país inteiro, que agora poderão finalmente deixar suas casas. "Eu estava fazendo uma maratona de Gilmore Girls e não saio de casa desde agosto. Agora eu posso assistir...See More

3% disponível na netflix

Lançada na netflix no mesmo dia de Gilmore Girls, a série é a primeira produção brasileira do site de streaming. Inclusive, maravilhosa. Alguém já deu uma chance? O que acharam?!

I've seen the promo on Netflix but haven't gotten around to watching it yet, will definitely give it a try!