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Years of Family Fun

Back in the day you were one of two types of people: a Don Carter or a Bird Bowl loyalist. Bird Bowl still survives as Miami's landmark bowling place. They've updated throughout the over 50 years they have been around. The menu is a bit longer, the food a slightly higher quality...and of course the integration of LEDs and a Neon Glo-Paint/Blacklight atmosphere. Compared to some of the more modern bowling havens in Miami, Bird Bowl is still not on par, HOWEVER, it has that kinda old-school...See More

Top 10 List of What We Miss #NostalgiaWeek

We here at VCode really jumped in to nostalgia week and had some heart-filled discussions of the things we miss about our childhoods in Miami. After much debate and sharing memories (at times, some oversharing if you know what I mean), we have come up with this list of what we miss (in no specific order). What is it that you miss about Miami? #NostalgicMiami #OldSchool The Miami Miss List: 1. Miami's Best Pizza- Delicious and tragically terrible all at the same time 2. Tobacco Road- Even if...See More

Time Machine to Marine Stadium

Historic Miami landmark and essential make out spot for local teenagers, past & present, the Marine Stadium is hands down part of this week's time machine. This spot closed in the early 90's after Hurricane Andrew...but then became an ideal canvas for un-commisioned grafitti art. Today, the Friends of the Marine Stadium (and cool brands like Heineken) are working to save the stadium. If you've never been, sneak in and check out this gorgeous community art spot. #CareAboutThis...See More

Versy Vocal: Remember that time...

It's been a little over a year since the Museum of Science closed in Vizcaya after 50 decades of servicing the community. As we eagerly wait for its reincarnation in the new year, we can't help but think of all the field trips, planetarium shows and old school exhibits it had to offer...and the great memories that were created there. Can you tell we're feeling a bit nostalgic? Join us this week as we take a trip through memory lane and reminisce about the places we frequented growing up in...See More