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Battle Rap Appreciation Post The day I got introduced to battle rap was a day I'll never forget. I was sitting on the porch with my boo and I was talking about how obsessed I am with this one guy on Wildin Out (The revamped version) So I showed him a clip and he was like "oh that's Conceited he's a battle rapper" of course I said, "he has more?!!!!!" and bam! Battle rap became a favorite of mine. Although I do not watch it as often and usually only search up the ones I like, I think battle...See More

Is This the Resurge of Meek Mill?

#DC4 is doing well, growing on consumers each day. #MeekMill distributed a great interview with #Taxstone that raised his likability, and not to mention 2 dope radio #freestyles with #DJClue & #DJFunkMasterFlex But is that enough to cause a resurge, or is this just his loyal fanbase creeping back out of the shadows? Oh yeah Drake is dropping in December.