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9 months ago

Battle Rap Appreciation Post The day I got introduced to battle rap was a day I'll never forget. I was sitting on the porch with my boo and I was talking about how obsessed I am with this one guy on Wildin Out (The revamped version) So I showed him a clip and he was like "oh that's Conceited he's a battle rapper" of course I said, "he has more?!!!!!" and bam! Battle rap became a favorite of mine. Although I do not watch it as often and usually only search up the ones I like, I think battle...See More

Is This the Resurge of Meek Mill?

#DC4 is doing well, growing on consumers each day. #MeekMill distributed a great interview with #Taxstone that raised his likability, and not to mention 2 dope radio #freestyles with #DJClue & #DJFunkMasterFlex But is that enough to cause a resurge, or is this just his loyal fanbase creeping back out of the shadows? Oh yeah Drake is dropping in December.

10 months ago

Taxstone/ Meek Mill podcast interview

For those who aren't into the world of podcasts, Tax has brought us another exclusive interview this time with Meek Mill. Meek really gives his point of view on a lot of stuff that his name has been involved in since the issue with Drake last year. In depth interview shedding a lot of light on the Dreamchasers front man. Here's a short video clip of the podcast interview inside of Meek's Rafe Rolls Royce.

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