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a year ago

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Do you feel like Hip Hop glorifies rappers MORE once they are incarcerated? Can jail really be used as a marketing ploy? What are your thoughts? Comment away!

SEVY's 7

So I think this might be a thing. My top 7 songs of the week. Some of them you may know, others you might not. With that said, I just want to share some tunes that I feel are dope and definitely worth a listen. Feel free to comment some of your favs of the week as well. Let's go! 1. SiR - In the Sky 2. Xavier Omär - Grown Woman 3. Isaiah Rashad - Stuck in the Mud (feat. SZA) 4. Travis Scott - RaRa (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) 5....See More

Gosh I hope it's not an intentional marketing ploy. I see how you could use it to your advantage though


The backwards thinking of the community. They glorify rappers in prison as being real. Culture vultures use it as a marketing strategy all the time, the only person I can recall that made a classic album as soon as they were released from jail was 2Pac. Everyone else it seemed as hey fell off. Good topic


Everyone love Gucci since he's been out of jail. Now Max B is the next one. I don't think it's purposely glorified but it does have a effect on the masses.

@Monique Beasley yeah, unfortunately, in some cases I think it can. Only because there are still some foolish people who believe jail gives rappers a "cool" factor.

@Craig Burnett Jr.yeah I understand that but I'm saying it isn't intentional like they don't say "omg this person is better just because they out of jail"

@Amaris after a rapper is locked up, the 1st thing the label does is a "free (insert rapper name here)" campaign (ex). Charging for merch and promoting whatever music the artist has yet to release.

@Amaris yeah he's been doing a couple features since he got out. Idk if a full project is coming though.