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a year ago

Chat LIVE With A Refinery29 Editor About Pants Or No Pants For Fall

The rise and fall of hemlines in fashion are inevitable, already in stores we're seeing flared corduroys and micro-pleated shiny midi skirts. While some are embracing these looks with open arms, some are staying true to their summer favs, the denim mini and flared short shorts. And if you're a no pants kind of person, more power to you. Sound off on what kind of bottoms you love to wear when the temps get chillier and how you like to style them.

All Of The Bottoms You Need For Fall

Fall is the perfect time to really experiment with pants and skirts of all styles and fabrics. From long midi skirts to velvet oversized pants, silhouettes are becoming more dynamic and fabrics more innovative.

Chat LIVE With A Refinery29 Editor About Our Go-To Accessories

This was one one of our favorite street style looks from last week's NYFW. Accessories have the opportunity to elevate an already bold outfit to a look that's even more striking. Chat LIVE with a Refinery29 editor about your thoughts on accessorizing, whether it be with the pieces you don every single day or the special ones that make you feel more luxurious.

Accessories We're Coveting This Fall

We all know this to be true, accessories can make or break an outfit. A good accessory can take an outfit from 0-100 and provide an extra oomph. As fashion becomes bolder so have the accessories. Bright colors and cartoon inspired shoes and bags are all the rage. What accessories are you looking out for this fall?

What Street Style Trends Are You Down To Try?

New York Fashion Week is coming to an end and the street style this season did not disappoint. Street style during September is always a great predictor of what's to come for fall and the colder months. Many ventured out from their usual looks of jeans and tee to focus on more innovative fabrics and color combos. What are your favorite street style looks and which leave you confused?

Fashion Rules We Love to Ignore

We've heard it all before. From dressing only to your body type to wearing both navy and black, fashion rules can be used as a jumping off point but we've always been a sucker for dressing true to your own personal style. What fashion rules do you love to defy?

What Looks Are You Wearing This Fall?

Chat LIVE now with a Refinery29 Fashion Editor about your ride or die fall pieces and what looks you're still on the hunt for. There are so many fresh new trends we're ready to try for the upcoming fall season. Sound off with any styling questions for fall and what trends you're excited to test out for yourself.

Fall Fashion Trends to Embrace

It's still hot out here in NYC but a few shopping trips to the stores in Soho make us wish for cooler weather. We can't wait to test drive some of our fav fall trends already. From fashion girl ways to wear hoodies to defying the fashion rules and wearing your all white fall outfit after Labor Day, we're excited. What are you trend favorites that you want to fearlessly try out and how are you styling them?

Thoughts on Best Packing Practices for Weekend Getaways?

Chat LIVE now with a Refinery29 Fashion Editor about the most efficient ways to pack your bag for your long weekend trips. Share and discuss what essentials you like to bring with you for those short yet relaxing getaways!

Packing For A Weekend Trip Away

Packing for a quick getaway from the city? Worrying about what to wear when on vacation is a pain. An easy way to stay stylish while still being comfortable is bringing versatile pieces in your closet that can be worn days on end. Pack only your favorites that you won’t mind wearing two days in a row. Where are you going this weekend and what are the pieces you can't leave the city without?

@Alexandra del Valle definitely one of my favorite combos as well! I'll typically do a pair a oversized paperbag-waist shorts, a sturdy tight (i love the heattech ones from Uniqlo) and knee high boots for extra leg warmth