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a month ago

Sometimes these identities overlap, sometimes people use them interchangeably but if you'd like to know more about these very similar terms, this video is a great resource. I refer it often to people on Tumblr who ask me questions about both identities and the differences. I hope it helps you! 🙂

Living your truth and being who you are is so important! I know it can be very difficult and tough for so many people - so if you are struggling, I want to remind you that you DESERVE so much love and happiness ❤💙💜💛💚💖🌈

3 months ago

Remember - YOU are the only person who can decide who you are. Don't pay attention to what others say because really, it's not their place to have an opinion. ❤️💙💜💗💚💛🏳️‍🌈

Reflection on my youth: never a fun topic

This post is a little continuation of the comment I made on @David S post. It sparked a memory. A feeling. It is crazy how time passes, crazy how you change, adapt, grow, learn to love yourself more, become more accepting, more stronger, more able to understand your feelings. It is actually quite saddening looking back - at how I felt, how I didn't know to approach it - or who to turn to. Really, who do you turn to when the love of your life is your best friend? Even though she wasn't, it...See More


We have all gone through life with feelings we dont understand. In the early years of my teens which I found very difficult to understand what I was feeling around my sexuality. But over the years with maturity and good friends and family, I have become a stronger person. Now to help others when they feel alone and no one is there to help in understanding themselves. This is why a platform like this is needed! x

We are here for eachother!

There's nothing shameful about needing a helping hand. Asking for help means I am not giving up. I can make it! :)


I have had a lovely weekend with friends. But still my insecurities and personality run away with me. I need to learn alot about how to talk and engage with men. If I ever want to get to the stage of seeing someone

Self confidence

I will break my habit of negative thinking however I can. First will be to relax from going on number of dates and find strength within myself. This will then make me confidence in my sexuality and where guys will feel it too :)