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13 hours ago

Techies Assistance Will Make Your Computer Perfect For Use!

You can skip lines at computer repair stores and get instant computer technical support right ahead. Remote repair is safe, secure and pocket friendly. The major advantage of this is you can have the support 24X7. The help reaches you easy and fast beyond your expectations. These professionals come with certification and hands on experience. For more details, contact us at toll free number +18554228557. Read More ....

2 days ago

Everything You Should Know About Webmail!

There are many ways you can check your mails. A user can either set up email client or web based clients. Webmail is another tool that is used to send and receive emails. To know more......

3 days ago

Get The Best Tech Support At The Right Price!

To continue working smoothly on a PC, it is necessary to have 24/7 availability of computer technical support. Whether the issue is relate to slow speed, virus attack, blue screen of death, browser issue or anything related to system’s peripherals, professionals have the right solution for every problem. Many certified and reputed experts are available online, find the right one for your PC and keep the troubles at bay. Read More......

4 days ago

Upgrade Your Antivirus Software For Improved Performance!

Antivirus tools are very effective when it comes to clean the virus from the system and improve its performance. With best antivirus protection for your PC, you can rest assured of being protected from the cyber criminals or hackers. A number of easily downloadable software are there on the internet which can improve the security of your valuable machine. Go, download one now! Read More...

8 days ago

Easy Way To Fix Blue Screen of Death!!

People who use windows are aware of Blue Screen of Death, especially those people who use old computers more. There are different ways to fix blue screen of death and one of the best way is by rebooting your PC. Rebooting can solve the problem easily and if you are still facing the problem, you can simply consult with technical advisors. Read More....

9 days ago

How you can activate and deactivate pop-up ads

Usually pop up ads you get on your PC are site specific. It simply means you need to deactivate them for every site individually. You need to change the settings to avoid these notifications. Under the settings head, one needs to click on advance setting where you will get privacy. Click content settings where under pop-ups you can either activate or deactivate pop-ups. Read More....

10 days ago

Is Your System Safe From The Eyes Of Hackers?

Maintaining the security of the system is quite a challenging thing. As potential hackers always look for opportunities to harm the users, best security practices are very important. Go to PC privacy settings of your system and make the security intact. If you find any difficulty in doing it yourself, take the help of expert techies and increase the protection level of your PC against every threat. For more details, contact us at toll free number +18554228557.

As per the National Environment Agency (NEA), five designated smoking areas along Orchard Road have been set up as part of a government study to observe their usage and effectiveness in reducing smoking activity in the surrounding areas. Get the whole news on Connected to India.

11 days ago

Everything From What is Malware To How It Can Affect Your Computer’s Security Imagine what would you reply if someone asks you the most effective way to protect your computer from malware and similar threats. Sadly, you can’t name a permanent solution, as nowadays, thousand adware, viruses and threats are created every single day which can’t be avoided even after using the expensive and advanced antivirus tools. Don’t feel low, as there are still some ways to eliminate the possibility of such viruses. One such way is checking viruses regularly....See More

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