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I'm trying to establish a morning routine at the moment, so far I've taken to reading for half hour on a weekday of text books and uni work and on the weekends I get to read for leisure- therefore I went for this baby 😁 Love reading this magazine, only read three of them now but I'm going to get a monthly subscription because they're really interesting, province good information and well worth the money 😊 How do you start your mornings?

If you're looking to give mindfulness a go. Then I would recommend the I am here now book by the mindfulness project. It's a great way to focus on fun activities but also learn and relax. Have a great Friday!

Happy World Vegan Day!

Working at Holland and Barrett's largest store has its advantages... Got this for free from the VBites counter who make lots of deli and cafe items all vegan friendly ☺️😐 I hope everyone has taken a moment to appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to choose to live a vegan lifestyle, despite theoretically being cheaper for the basics; we all know that we are foodies at heart and probably spend way more than the avenges person on food πŸ™ˆ But be glad we do have these options and are...See More


So my mum came to visit me for the first time at my uni accommodation today and unlike many of you, I'm not exactly thrilled. You see, I got into health and fitness because my mum drove me towards that way. Not through encouragement; but through showing me what it's like to not care about your health and fitness. And now we are just so different from each other I don't feel like I can relate to her in any way. We did go to Wagamamas earlier though which was a lovely gesture from a truly kind...See More

Make Them Think

The majority of the worlds eating habits are unsustainable. If we can get that in to people's heads then the rate at which people transition to a vegan lifestyle would increase dramatically. We need to have a long lasting effect on people via an unforgettable message. Currently we will get omni's to consider the life of an animal that they may have been about to consume, then what, they eat it anyway! Or if they were put off that time (small win) then the next time they will often forget...See More

Natural Beauty

Veganism. A cult who celebrate food that we as 'non animal eaters' can eat? No. Compassionate, moral earthlings at one with nature? Oui. Although I haven't been vegan for that long it amazes me how disconnected I used to be from animals yet considered myself at one with nature. How could I consider myself at one with nature but eat the inhabitants of this natural beauty we call Earth. Let us strive to promote a more aspiring, well rounded, connected human rather than just one focused on one...See More

Seize the day!

Two nights ago I went to a Professor Green Concert that didn't start until 12:00am! Nooooot my typical scene and returned home very late but I enjoyed it nonetheless :) However the day after I found myself wallowing around, tired as hell and guiltily just not achieving much. Now to compensate I decided that today I was going to be productive. I crossed off nine tasks on my to-do list today and feel so much better about myself. So, the point of this little anecdote is to start a journal if you...See More

Out |Comfort zone|

So tonight is the night! Tonight marks the night I'm going to the students union bar to see Professor Green. Now, for most people my age, from my era and even from my upbringing/ environment ( I come from Essex πŸ’πŸΌπŸ˜³); tonight's event would be one they are comfortably looking forward to. But not me. The whole drinking and partying culture scares me and is completely not my scene. But I thought I'd give it a go to meet new people and prosper from getting out of my comfort zone. Honestly since...See More

Just to let you know... I'm Vegan

Have you heard that supposed stereotype that all vegans want to shove their beliefs down your throat? Yeah I have too. Please try your very best to not reinforce this misjudgement that is wrongly espoused upon by many, as it can predetermine the opinion of the next Vegan person that they meet... And who likes having preconceived ideas about them before even being given the chance to express your nature and individualism aside from the label that is, Vegan.

I love that tag line! I'm afraid my morning routine is pretty dire.... Up and out often without breakfast like a classic student

Nice! I got one of them free at VeVolution. I actually took about 5 back with me to give them out to friends and family. Lovely recipes and articles in them. For the past 3 weeks I've been starting my morning off listening to a morning meditation for 25 mins and I love it! Get's me pumped for the day. It's kind of a meditation/affirmation one. I'm also Incorporating morning workouts now, so...See More

I love the idea of reading in the morning :-) what a great routine! Sometimes I go to the gym, sometimes I shout at the boyfriend to get out of bed and on the train, and I always cycle to work so that is a nice thing to do.

'Bringing vegan into vogue' is a lovely slogan, but I wish it was punnier. :-P

@SabyAurora Good that you're sharing the vegan love πŸ˜‹ What a brilliant way to start the day! As you're in to meditation and fitness I'd definitely recommend Yoga as a good way to start the day too! Be mindful of your breathing and movements to get a cathartic release of energy and a little workout in too πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ Good to hear about the positive vibes 😝