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6 days ago This is a really powerful video and it sends a strong message - please watch it if you'd like! The advocates in the video are truly inspirational and I appreciate them so much for their dedication to the trans and gender nonconforming communities.

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I support the LGBT community and the trans community; I think we are all beautiful people worthy of love and respect and inclusion. So why are things so hard and dangerous for us? Most especially trans people? I thought that things we bad here in the USA for them but I never thought about in the countries over sea's. I recently read online and saw pictures of a Brazilin trans person being beaten, and then murdered. ...See More

16 days ago The gender care clinic will be the first of its kind in Central Texas! This is really amazing news for the trans and gender non-conforming community in Texas. Some of the services that will be offered at the gender care clinic include STI testing and treatment, HIV testing, general wellness exams, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), and hormone therapy for...See More

25 days ago "Aside from using the appropriate male and female pronouns, the guidelines direct staff on how to use nonbinary pronouns like "they" or "ze" and how to support trans and gender-nonconforming children who might experience bullying. A glossary of gender identity terms is also included in the 10-page...See More

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2 months ago Taking to the stage, she urged people: “Everyone, please Google Gavin Grimm. He’s going to the Supreme Court in March. Hashtag #StandWithGavin”. The comments were a reference to Virginian transgender teen Gavin Grimm, whose school ordered him to use a toilet that correspond with his “biological...See More

This video is full of inspiration, thanks for sharing, I am sure it will be such a tremendous help to the trans community!