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An honest look at what traveling is really like in 2016

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Religious Diversity in India

Religion plays a major role in the lives of most Indians. Those who are considered Hindu make up more than 80% of the population. However, rather than being a single religion, Hinduism actually encompasses myriad different religions, all of which have their roots in the ancient Vedic tradition—as also do, to varying degrees, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism – for which reason India has been called the "Land of the Veda." Although the words Hindu and Hinduism have come into...See More

a year ago

Living on a sailboat

Living on a sailboat is the ideal way to travel for me. I get to go anywhere I want and my home is always with me. Any other liveaboards?

6 reasons we hate your travel blog

The things you’re blogging about aren’t worth blogging about. Instead of pulling that monk aside and blogging about this fascinating conversation you had with him where your view on suffering was completely changed, you’re showing us pictures of yourself outside a temple making a double thumbs up. Or you’re smiling outside the gates that say, “Arbeit macht frei.” The bus ride was just totally crazy too — there was no air-conditioning and a woman singing some type of karaoke was being blasted...See More

Join us! We're live chatting about travel blogging

This Thursday at 2pm EST, chat with Matador about the dream job: travel blogging. We'll talk about how to get started, how to be successful, the do's and don'ts, and travel blogs we love...and hate. Join us!

9 simple ways to make your travel blog better

Make it physically readable, for starters. I can’t read pink text on a yellow background, for example. And sometimes, wow, there is so much going on that I can barely find the text. Which leads me to… Reading itineraries is really boring, unless they’re mine. Seriously. Pictures? Bring ’em. It’s nice when there are thumbnails in the posts, or a single photo up top, and then, after reading, I can click through to an album. I don’t care for it when people use a linear blog format for...See More

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