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vegan food diaries

6 months ago

Cold brew

They've brought back cold brew coffee! Catch me in Starbucks for the next month sipping on one of these revising for exams ✌️ Been a pleasure guys🤙 x


This was really nice! Loving Hazelnut and cocoa at the moment and this really hit the spot on our journey back from London. Got it from a WHSmith, 2 for £3.00 at a station ✌️

Chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

Journey to Wales to stay at my girlfriends for a couple of days, Her mum makes a real effort to serve vegan food when I'm there and today she made chickpea sweet potato burgers for main and for dessert,.. This^ It was made with silken tofu and soy yoghurt with chocolate folded through and rasberrys and nuts in the base with a raspberry sauce drizzle too :) Was really really nice! Bless her :') Feel so welcome here it's lovely 😊

Virgin Trains

No food in the pic because quite frankly, virgin trains don't cater for vegans! Complementary food for vegans includes a bread roll or an apple apparently and that was only found out after looking it up for ages, the man pushing the cart just said 'no I don't think so' when I asked him if anything was vegan 🙃 Safe to say I sent an email to the complaints team for virgin travel ✌️ Ps: The coffee wasn't even nice 🙄

Nourish Bowl Take 2

So what I didn't mention was that I used that nourish bowl from M&S to make an awesome salad! Massaged kale and spinach with lemon juice, olive oil, black pepper, cayenne,smoked paprika and mixed herbs and added Asda's new Popcorn chicken on top too :)

Nut butter sachets

I think these are a really good idea because normally I could get through so much nut butter! But these portioned out provide a serving that is easy to adhere to 👌

I used to love this stuff whilst working at Starbucks! Keep up the great work and good luck with exams ☺