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7 days ago

Vegan jumper

I got this 'Friends not food' jumper as a late christmas present from a friend and I LOVE IT! It's so simple and cute but gets the message across πŸ˜πŸ’šSuper comfy and cosy too!

8 days ago

Beware! Fluoridated water... Just kidding πŸ˜‹ Bought this new Brita Graphite filter and am very pleased with it! Noticed that the water at my accommodation is more cloudy than I would like it to be so I thought I'd get a water filter :) Not sure if there are actual health benefits of drinking filtered water however, as I know you won't get as many trace minerals, conversely you also don't get trace chemicals or pollutants- there's lots of studies leaning towards both sides of the argument but...See More

a month ago

This is Nigel. Who here originally got into veganism because of their love for animals? If not, what inspired you to become vegan? I originally went vegan for the health benefits and watching the main documentaries touched my compassionate side ☺️

Matcha Green Tea Needing this at the moment with the amount of coursework I've done over the last couple of days! Submitting it tomorrow and embarrassingly will still be working on it tomorrow morning too πŸ˜‚ I love Matcha Green Tea though, can focus really well with it and you get a small caffeine buzz that doesn't leave you with a crash like coffee does. Tastes so fresh too! Anyone else had Matcha Green Tea?

2 months ago


I'm trying to establish a morning routine at the moment, so far I've taken to reading for half hour on a weekday of text books and uni work and on the weekends I get to read for leisure- therefore I went for this baby 😁 Love reading this magazine, only read three of them now but I'm going to get a monthly subscription because they're really interesting, province good information and well worth the money 😊 How do you start your mornings?

Good Karma

So let me tell you a story... Today I went to Waitrose knowing a very similar product to the one above was reduced because it had a short life on it ( I'd scoped it out before). After my twenty minute walk to get there, I picked up the reduced item and looked at the BBE end date, unfortunately it was out of date and so were all of the others on the shelf. I hung around for a bit and waited for a member of staff to come down the isle where I told him they were out of date. He said 'that's a...See More

ah my housemate has this one! But in black and a t--shirt. I find the little animal faces so sweet!

I wish I had a jumper like this and that was oversized, I'd wear it over everything all the time πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈοΈ Love the simplicity but thought provoking message it conveys πŸ‘Œ