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a year ago

My Favourites- TK Maxx

My favourite shop? TK Maxx ☺️ So rather than just putting up a picture of the sign of my favourite shop I thought I'd treat you all to this picturesque beauty. I didn't even buy it, I just liked the look of it 😂 That's beside the point though, I love the shop for its variety of products it does, especially as many of which are vegan! I buy a lot of my clothes here as they do designer name brands at cheap prices and they do lots of foodie treats too 😊 What is your favourite general shop?

My Favourites - Dates

My favourite fruit without a doubt is the Medjool date. I like to think of it as 'natures caramel'. I love the King Soloman Medjool dates particularly but here is a picture of a whole kilogram box of (Israeli I think) Medjool dates. A whole kilogram box for just £3.50! I especially like to have them as a little pre workout snack as they are very high in readily available sugar 👍I used to eat so many of these at once before I found out they are about 70 calories per one! 🙈 What's your...See More

My favourites- Fry's Family

So I've decided I'm going to do a series of posts following the theme of 'My Favourites' concerning brands, products etc. When it comes to Vegan Food Products, in particular main meal items, my favourite foods are generally by Fry's Family. I originally never ate Quorn, Linda McCartney (LM) or Fry's Family along with other 'processed' foods as I just discarded them as 'unhealthy'. However now that I'm a little more relaxed with my nutrition, especially as I'm in a 'bulking' phase - so...See More

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