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2 days ago

Chocolate chip clif bar

I'm sure we all love a good bargain so I'm sharing this find from yesterday! 45p from Holland and Barrett so I grabbed the three they had left😍

4 days ago

Recipe Ideas

So for my final major project at uni I'm creating a vegan recipe book! 🌱 I've decided it's going to be desserts/sweet treats 😍😍 If I have time I'll be including a festive section where I can put all my christmassy recipes! And of course once it's complete I'll be selling copies πŸ˜„

5 days ago

Alpro Ice Cream

I've had this sitting in the freezer for a couple of months now and I finally gave in and tried it the other night! AND OH MY GOODNESS. 😍😍😍 It's so creamy! You literally wouldn't think this was dairy free/plant based if it didn't have it written on the tub! Also tesco have the alpro ice creams on offer for £2 each till the 16th January! Have you tried them all yet?

6 days ago

Graze Box

Yet another Graze box, probably my last for a while! It's always handy to have little snacks when you need them though. Has anyone tried the summer berry flapjack?😍😍 😍

7 days ago

Vegan jumper

I got this 'Friends not food' jumper as a late christmas present from a friend and I LOVE IT! It's so simple and cute but gets the message across πŸ˜πŸ’šSuper comfy and cosy too!

9 days ago

Bagel Pretzel Chips

I spotted these in Iceland a couple of weeks ago - they're pretzels shaped like bagel halves! The sweet chilli flavour is quite strong but i love sweet chilli so 😍 Think they were about 75p

10 days ago

Lentils + Tomato + Basil

Got this packet of puy lentils from Morrisons for £1.50 (found them reduced to 50p in asda once!) labelled as vegan on the back of the packet. You just tear the top open and microwave for like a minute and a half & serve with whatever else you want 😍 They're sooo good, I was unsure when I first tried them because it looked like black sludge but omg 😍

12 days ago

Christmas Pudding Biscuits

Another item from December's vegan tuck box - these christmas pudding biscuits from Angelic. Now, if I wasn't sick of christmassy flavoured things I would have enjoyed these a lot moreπŸ˜‚ But that being said, they're actually really nice and remind me of the Nairn's oat biscuits if anyone's ever had those, but obviously they taste of christmas spices!

13 days ago

Festive Graze Box

So while I was away over Christmas I totally forgot my graze deliveries were due to restart after a break, so I came back to my uni flat with this waiting for me! How cute is the box design though?😍😍So cosy! This box contained mince pie flapjack, hemp sticks with peanut butter, the original fruity flapjack and cocoa & orange bites with green tea!

14 days ago

Chocolate Cake in a Mug

So Sunday night was the last night of me being at home for the Christmas holidays πŸ˜” It went by too fast! The good news is I'm going back home for reading week, which starts Friday 13th! Anyway, I was in need of comfort food so decided to make chocolate mug cake 😍 So quick and easy, especially when you only want one serving and not an entire cake!πŸ˜‚ I used this recipe and will definitely be making it...See More

I love the Peanut Butter Cliff bars! Can't believe they're vegan!