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6 months ago

Cold brew

They've brought back cold brew coffee! Catch me in Starbucks for the next month sipping on one of these revising for exams ✌️ Been a pleasure guys🤙 x


This was really nice! Loving Hazelnut and cocoa at the moment and this really hit the spot on our journey back from London. Got it from a WHSmith, 2 for £3.00 at a station ✌️

Co-op finds?

What is your favourite item from Co-op? Rediscovering bread with my girlfriend since my eating disorder and pre-veganism, found this one in co-op to be a fave of mine ☺👌

Easter vibes

So in answer to your question @Harriet Bradley, these were definitely my favourite Easter treat! Like creme eggs but smaller and instead of milk chocolate it was dark and instead of 'creme' it was praline ✌️ 😂 So nice 😍 Shame they're all gone now 😶

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