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2 days ago

Pudology Millionaires Shortbread

Anyone tried Pudology? What's your favourite flavour? It's a shame it costs so much- usually £1.99 but fortunately I got one for 10p earlier in H&B! It was so good! First one I've had this year and first time trying this flavour! 😊 Chocolate orange was my favourite flav before this but I feel this has surpassed that 😊 Also can be found in Waitrose too!

3 days ago

Clearing the freezer like

How embarrassing 😂 Had Fry's family Schnitzels and some of their chicken nuggets for tea,finished off in my waffle maker because it makes everything crispy af 👌 Also had some of Waitrose own brand baked beans for 29p which I thought was amazing value! And veggies and salad 👅 Making room in my freezer for an Ocado order 🙌 Anyone used Ocado?

4 days ago

Vega Protein and Nutritional Powder

So Holland and Barrett started doing like 1000 new products and Vega protein was one of them! Naturally I had to get some because everyone raves about it ( on Vegan Bodybuilding and Nutrition fb page anyway) unfortunately it isn't as good as my favourite one - Sci-mx V-Gain and costs more so won't be getting it again! One is the nutritional powder which basically is like a protein powder with vitamins in and the other is a high quality pure protein powder. Both are really good quality in...See More

5 days ago

V bites Marinated Chicken Stir fry

Had a Thai inspired stir fry using Tilda's Coconut,Lemongrass and chilli rice, Vbites marinated chicken, chipotles hot sauce and a pepper stir fry mix from Tesco! Yum! What did you have for tea?

7 days ago

Let's Talk Easter Eggs

So my mother bought me a Serelle Easter egg from the free from section in Tesco back in Essex. My girlfriend bought me a preferable dark chocolate Easter egg in Aldi's after I told her that's the one I want 💁🏼 (post will come tomorrow) What Easter egg do you have in mind?

8 days ago

10 days ago

I call it- Salad and flowers

And by salad, I mean one huge satiating beast and by flowers I mean a plant, rosemary to be precise. Thanks to @Jaspyr for the inspo, funny considering I took this picture at about 7pm 😜

11 days ago

Miso Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry

Mixed Mustard, mirin, ginger, hemp milk and lemon grass to cover our stir fry. Browned some tofurkey in a pan which was delicious! Steamed Cauliflower that I blended up in a microwave for 8mins. Such a quick, low cal filling meal that was so tasty!

12 days ago

Health Hype inbound

After devouring quite of lot of Vbites products and drinking and eating out for three nights this week, I've/we've decided to be healthy next week 🙌 Honestly looking forward to feeling myself again on some very nourishing light food 😍😊 Ft: A basic salad from earlier 🥗

15 days ago

Gender Exclusive Protein

This protein tastes so nice! Definitely will be getting it again 👌 Goes so well with porridge, yoghurt and milk! What's your favourite protein powder? I go through stages, right now it's this one but last month it was definitely Sci-mx V-Gain Chocolate Protein 🙌

I still haven't tried them! I'm pretty good at baking so it feels funny to get pudding from a plastic tub 😋 but this sounds like a great flavour, I used to love millionaires shortbread

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