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2 months ago

Over 25 lesbian and bisexual female-identifying characters have died on scripted broadcast and cable television and streaming series since the beginning of 2016. Proper, accurate LGBT+ representation is necessary. And by representation, we do not mean giving a character one season, then killing them off, without being able to authentically tell their story or drive change. Representation means showing all parts of a character, and allowing them to...See More

3 months ago

Did you enjoy this week?

One thing I ask myself every week is if I enjoyed it... If I didn't next week there' something extra to work on. Did you enjoy your work week?

Dress the part

Fashion and style have a way to lift your spirits up, change your attitude and make your day that much better. Remember that when you are dressing for work, you are dressing for yourself, no one else. Dress for the job you WANT to have!

4 months ago

Prepping & Planning

Being on time at work is important but so is your health. Without health, nothing is possible. How are you preparing for your day so that everything runs smoothly?


Stanford Student Attacked for Wearing Hijab

“This type of stuff isn't okay.” Haters rushed to attack this Stanford Athletics ad. Because apparently they can't stand the image of a Muslim woman smiling, cheering and enjoying a football game...

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