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So I said I had something to announce/show you TODAY...

I said this on Monday, and now Friday has come, and it's now time to unveil the surprise! My new tattoo! Yes! It's been nearly 4 years since my last ink and now I am finally having a new one! This was Pascal's Xmas gift to me; yes, very early, but I'm super happy :) PLEASE go check out my tattoo artist's FACEBOOK page, and give his page a LIKE for my tattoo; his page is new and I really want to help out! :) +1 LIke!

A Compilation of "Our Moments"!

We have so many outtakes during our shoots, and we decided to compile some of them in our 15th awkward/funny montage video! Hopefully you will enjoy this and it might bring a smile to some of your faces (or to all of you)! Enjoy! :D

Writer's Block

Calling all students?! I'm hating this part of the semester! I'm having such a hard time completing my work simply because my brain is switched to "OFF" mode. Yet it's so easy to rant here on Versy about this benign problem. Luckily, I have the full support of Pascal, who I love to torture with discussions of my research ideas! Yet, he still listens and is a major help to me! :) See, that was a short rant, no? :)