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a year ago

6 reasons we hate your travel blog

The things you’re blogging about aren’t worth blogging about. Instead of pulling that monk aside and blogging about this fascinating conversation you had with him where your view on suffering was completely changed, you’re showing us pictures of yourself outside a temple making a double thumbs up. Or you’re smiling outside the gates that say, “Arbeit macht frei.” The bus ride was just totally crazy too — there was no air-conditioning and a woman singing some type of karaoke was being blasted...See More

Join us! We're live chatting about travel blogging

This Thursday at 2pm EST, chat with Matador about the dream job: travel blogging. We'll talk about how to get started, how to be successful, the do's and don'ts, and travel blogs we love...and hate. Join us!

9 simple ways to make your travel blog better

Make it physically readable, for starters. I can’t read pink text on a yellow background, for example. And sometimes, wow, there is so much going on that I can barely find the text. Which leads me to… Reading itineraries is really boring, unless they’re mine. Seriously. Pictures? Bring ’em. It’s nice when there are thumbnails in the posts, or a single photo up top, and then, after reading, I can click through to an album. I don’t care for it when people use a linear blog format for...See More

Part 2: A step-by-step guide to starting your travel blog

6. Install core tools and plugins Our list of recommended plugins are below. To install a plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard ( Click ‘Plugins’ on the left-hand panel and then ‘Add New’. Search for the relevant plugin, install it and activate it. WP-DB-Backup: Backs up your WordPress database. Mailchimp: Allows you to embed an email subscription form on your site. Note that you have to sign up for a Mailchimp account first. Related Posts: Allows you to...See More

Part 1: A step-by-step guide to starting your travel blog

1. Choose your brand name Many entrepreneurs choose to name their businesses after themselves — not only one-person bloggers like Nomadic Matt and Wandering Earl, but renowned businesspeople like Disney, Ford and Chanel. This is a great way to add a personal touch but as a rookie blogger, be warned that it may be difficult to brand yourself as a professional site. If you do choose this option, avoid Nomadic, Adventurous, Vagabond, and Wandering as they are already associated with established...See More

5 of the cheapest cities in the world

There are places in the world where your dollar can go a very long way. This is important. If you’re a traveler, it correlates directly to how much traveling you will actually be doing. I’ve also spent time in places like Australia and New Zealand, where transportation costs alone can drain you. Petrol is expensive. Car rentals. Sure, you can hitchhike, but the truth is you’re just not going to travel as much because everything is so expensive. If you’re traveling long-term, keeping living...See More

5 incredible experiences you can have for free around the globe

Between paying for flights, hotels, and just feeding yourself on a daily basis, traveling the world can get incredibly expensive. But fear not, here are some of the coolest totally free experiences you can have from around the globe. 1. Go to the British Museum. Situated in Central London, the British Museum is, like so many of London’s best museums, totally free. But the British Museum is probably the best: here you can see the famous Rosetta Stone, the infamous Elgin Marbles, an Easter...See More

Europe’s 7 cheapest cities

Many people dream of living in Europe, but London, Vienna, and Paris come with high price tags. Luckily, Europe isn’t limited to these international capitals. Once I narrowed down the list to the seven most affordable cities, I compiled information on currency, language, climate, hardship level, things that are cheap, corruption, and some random, interesting facts. It’s no surprise that the seven least expensive international cities are all located in Eastern Europe. Here they are: 7....See More

Don't think you can travel long-term? Check out this budget.

To get an idea of what you’ll likely spend on the road, here’s a sample of what I spent for a month in Laos, a wonderful gap year destination, but also not the cheapest country in Asia: LAOS SAMPLE SPENDING — 30 days Food: I spent about $5/meal = $15/day = $450 Housing: $20/night for a private room in Luang Prabang (hostel rooms were $10 but I was writing a lot so I wanted my privacy) = $600 Transportation (ground): Dirt cheap. Walked everywhere and mostly hitchhiked in the rural areas....See More

Live chat at 2 EST: (how to) long-term travel

Today at 2pm EST, we're chatting about how to travel the world long-term. We'll talk about stories we have, stories we've heard, sacrifices we've made for travel, and tips on how to streeeetch our budgets so we can travel, more, more, more. Join us if you can!

How to work while traveling

Most people think they have to save their pennies for months or years in advance until they have “enough” money to travel and live off of for a while. Unfortunately, this can only last you so long (unless you have won the lottery, in which case send a donation my way!). The fact is that you can earn while on the road. There are two ways to do this: 1) GET A JOB ON-LOCATION If you are an EU citizen you can do this automatically in any other countries in the EU. In most other situations...See More

What it REALLY takes to travel long-term

Let's get the real world stuff out of the way before we dive deeper into the awesome world of long-term travel. It's not glamorous, these facts, but it's a #traveltruth. 1. Practice sound financial practices. Ideally, this means you have little to no debt and a strong savings regimen. You have clear values that help you prioritize where you spend your money. You’re happy with how you spend your money, too. 2. Save, save, save. I recommend saving $1000 for every month you want to spend on...See More

Traveling through Europe permanently is cheaper than the 9-5 life. Here’s why.

There are probably many skeptics out there when it comes to the expenses of traveling. Well, let this stand as proof that if you play your cards right traveling for a living is actually cheaper than living the traditional 9-5 lifestyle. Before you pack your bags, let me break it down for you in terms of rent. All of these numbers are based on reliable sources online, along with my own life: Rent in Toronto is no joke, and every month when I sign that cheque, a piece of me dies along with...See More

Budget travel live chat: Places to stay

Chat with us now about places to stay on a budget! WWoofing, Couchsurfing, staying in hostels...let’s have fun talking about our stories from the road, and share our experiences and tips on how to make budget accommodations enjoyable. Join us now!

9 Ways to Improve Your Couchsurfing Odds

Couchsurfing, a website that links travelers looking for convenient and free places to stay with willing locals, is one of the better resources on the web. Here’s how you can best present your Couchsurfing profile as both surfer and host. 9. Post plenty of pictures It’s always suspicious when your CSing (CouchSurfing) profile lacks any kind of personal touch; where are the pictures of you smiling with friends, family, coworkers? Let other travelers know you’re social and capable of having...See More

Top 8 websites for finding a cheap place to stay

Hostels Unsurprisingly, hostels often offer the best value for money. Most hostel booking sites supply ratings and reviews from past visitors (and you can expect an email requesting a review soon after your stay). Keep an eye open for booking costs; most take a non-refundable percentage as their share, but some sites also charge a booking fee or membership fee. 1. Hostelworld gives a smooth and hassle-free browsing experience. Hostels are available all over the world and listings also...See More

Let's hack into...camping.

This is the 21st century, and there’s no reason we need to treat camping like we’re still cavemen. Here are some camping hacks to make your trip less chaotic and, hopefully, more enjoyable. 1. Protect your toilet paper. A super easy hack that can keep your toilet paper from being crushed and keep it from getting wet if you accidentally drop stuff in the water or if it starts to rain. Just take a coffee can, pop the TP in, and cut a slit in the side to run the paper out of. 2. Create a...See More

Join us! Let's live chat about travel hacks (today at 2 EST)

Today we're chatting about traveling smarter with "travel hacking." Think credit cards, packing a week into your carry on, and camping light. Let’s divulge our secrets, share tips on how to make travel more enjoyable, and talk about hacks we would — and would never — try. Join us at 2pm EST!

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