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It’s time to power play with an e-commerce platform

Success and growth lie at the core of any business. Gone all the days when the success of the business was mainly dependent on how it operates locally. We currently reside in the dot com era where selling products online have become easier than ever before. https://gauravtiwari.org/2017/09/14/time-power-play-e-commerce-platform/

Apple’s A11 Bionic chip scores impressive early Geekbench scores

Alongside three new iPhones, Apple also unveiled a brand new six-core A11 Bionic chip, which include two cores for performance and four cores for efficiency. Now, according to the first Geekbench scores, the A11 Bionic’s performance tops that of the current 13-inch MacBook Pro. https://www.technobuffalo.com/2017/09/14/apples-a11-bionic-chip-scores-impressive-early-geekbench-scores/

How Apple’s iPhone has Transformed Lives!

The technology of iphone was transformed in 2007, but it was the app store that changed our lives later on. From picking a restaurant to sharing dinner posts on Instagram, hiring a cab at home, the world has an insatiable appetite for new and better apps. http://www.qiyun-tech.com/apples-iphone-transformed-lives/


After several rumors and leaks, Apple’s Trio of the new iPhones i.e. the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (pronounced “ten”) is officially announced today. All the three devices share similar features such as IOS 11, wireless charging, better cameras, edge-to-edge display etc. https://programmingofthings.wordpress.com/2017/09/13/how-the-iphone-x-the-most-expensive-of-the-lineup-differs-from-other-models/

What If We Combine AngularJS and Ionic for Hybrid App Development?

Mobile applications are eating the world, has been popular (and true) for more than half a decade now and apps like what App, Snapchat startups have successfully turned into multi billion-dollar ventures. https://www.crowdreviews.com/blog/combine-angularjs-ionic-hybrid-app-development/

Latest UX design trends that will grow further in 2018

Significant updates in user experience (UX) enables businesses to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide. UX design encompasses the traditional-computer interaction or HCI design. http://opensourceforu.com/2017/09/latest-ux-design-trends-grow-2018/

Get Into the Nitty-Gritty of a Responsive Web Design

A few years ago, designing and building websites was pretty much easy. Website development was simpler as they were only viewed on desktops and laptops with little variations in screen sizes. Today, approximately 4.77 billion individuals across the globe make use of smartphones, tablets. Which means a website can be viewed on a 4.8” smartphone screen, a 5” phablet, a 7” tablet or any size in between. So how to make sure that your website displays correctly across device types and screen sizes?Ethan Marcotte was the one who initially explored ways to make website design responsive; i.e. to have them change according to the screen size. A responsive website design is all about making clever use of CSS just to ensure that web pages are rendered well across a wide range of screen sizes without resorting to URL redirection or dynamically serving different HTML and CSS code. I would not call responsive web design as a technology or a standard, but rather it is a set of design principles that help achieve the desired result.The good news is that over the past few years, many responsive templates, CSS frameworks, and WordPress themes have sprung up. For example, today it’s possible to create a responsive website in WordPress without writing a single line of code. But a real web designer won’t be satisfied using just one template. He or she will make an extra effort to understand the elements of responsive web design, in order to use them effectively.It’s time to get into the skin of responsive web design to embrace the fluid web, instead of fighting it. Responsive vs Adaptive web designThis may seem the same but in actual it isn’t. Whether it’s responsive or adaptive, both approaches complement each other. Which means there is no right or wrong way to do things. So, all you can do is let the content decide.The flowIn a general scenario, as screen sizes start to shrink, content starts to take up more vertical space and anything below will be pushed down. This is known as the flow. Though it may sound tricky at first but if you are designing with pixels and points, the concept makes a total sense if you get used to it.Relative unitsThe canvas can be a desktop, mobile screen or anything in between. Besides, pixel density might also differentiate, so we need units that are flexible and work everywhere. And this is the reason why relative units like percent come in handy. Thus, making something 50% wide means it will always take half of the screen, i.e. the size of the opened browser window.BreakpointsBreakpoints usually allow the layout to change at predefined points, i.e. having 3 columns on a desktop but only one on a mobile device. Fortunately, most CSS properties can be changed from one breakpoint to another and it’s where you usually put one depends on the content. So, if a sentence breaks, chances are there that you might need to add a breakpoint. But don’t forget to use them with caution- as it can get messy quickly especially when things get difficult to understand what is influencing what.Max and Min valuesAt times it’s great to have such a content that takes up the whole width of a screen, like on a mobile device but having the same content stretching to the whole width of your TV screen often makes less sense. This is where responsive web designers choose Min/Mix values for help.For instance, having a width of 100% and Max width of 1000px would mean that content will easily fit any screen but not over 1000px.See Infographic on Responsive Web DesignNested objectsIt gets difficult to control lots of elements depending on each other. As a result, wrapping elements in a container keeps it way more understandable, clean and tidy. This is the time when static units like pixels help. They are useful for content that you don't want to scale, like logos and buttons.Mobile or Desktop firstOn a technical note, there isn’t any difference if a project is started from a smaller screen to a bigger one, i.e. from mobile to desktop or vice versa. Still, I would suggest not to start with mobile as it comes with extra limitations. So what can be done is, try starting from both ends at once and see what works better for you.niume.com

Get Into the Nitty-Gritty of a Responsive Web Design

A few years ago, designing and building websites was pretty much easy. Website development was simpler as they were only viewed on desktops and laptops with little variations in screen sizes. https://niume.com/post/357480

Google ‘in final stage of negotiations’ to buy HTC’s smartphone division, report

HTC could have been the dominant device maker Samsung is today, but the Taiwanese company suffered financial defeat after defeat no matter how great its Android offerings were. http://bgr.com/2017/09/07/google-htc-deal-pixel-phones/

As 2017 nears its end, here are 7 Indian startups to watch out for

Indian startup ecosystem has undergone major changes over the past few years. Sectors like Internet of Things (IoT), Fintech and Edutech found favor with investors whereas the remaining ones didn’t see much big-ticket funding. https://e27.co/2017-nears-end-7-indian-startups-watch-20170904/

How Hybrid Mobile Apps Impacts The Insurance Industry?

Over the past few years, a new trend has been emerging; technology savviness has decreased and becomes less restricted to a specific age group. as a result, several business entities across all industries started organizing and creating mobile strategies accordingly. now i am sure you must be wondering how mobile impacts the insurance industry.mobile apps are considered as a fixture in practically every element of our lives today and the insurance industry is no exception, especially since the field is more competitive than ever. despite being outlines in banking and payments for app adoption, apps turn out to be one of the most common offerings from most providers, enabling customers to check and manage their claims, make payments, and other functions. mobile technology is not just changing the way people interact with the insurance provider, it’s even affecting customer loyalty and expectations.about the hybrid approachthere have been several advancements around app-based robo-advisors and chatbots due to which companies are focusing on mobile-only offerings. in today’s scenario, a firm rushes to stake their claim in the increasingly digital market and professionals have started to deploy the ever-growing hybrid app approach to cut down on development time and costs. app developers create the app in html or javascript and wrap it in an application layer that allows it to function on a mobile device.one of the best advantages of choosing the hybrid app development approach is that the app can be developed as one base code and ported between different platforms, enabling the company to have a presence on both android and apple devices without the time and expense of having to start from scratch. in addition to this, there are so many frameworks available that make the process simpler and better. other than insurance, the approach is being used by several other industries, particularly in mobile gaming and digital media services.the risk involved: although, the approach successfully enables an insurance firm to deploy its app more quickly and widely; it also brings with a fresh set of risks. for example, as soon as the app becomes available for download, cyber criminals can immediately get hold of it and began searching for weak links in its security. apps are at risk and anything with more sensitive information such as personal information or financial data including any insurance apps with any functionality around managing or making claims becomes the prime target.unfortunately, hybrid mobile applications have the potential to introduce more threat than standard mobile apps as the javascript html source code requires less skill to reverse engineer and tamper with than native binary code. the moment the attacker becomes capable to access an app’s code, they get the power to modify it for a whole host of malicious activity. for instance, disabling security controls and bypassing other restrictions which would enable them to access and transmit data that should normally be secure. in addition to this, remote man-in-the-middle attacks, where data is intercepted as it is transmitted, are even easier. and the app can even be used as a vector to attack other applications on the device.the solution: protecting hybrid mobile apps like i said before, hybrid apps can be hazardous but insurers can still enjoy their reduced costs and development time without putting themselves and their customers at risk. all they need to do is seek help from a reputable hybrid app development company who have the potential to deploy additional security to counter the weak points.one of the most effective approaches worth considering is to combine obfuscation with runtime protection techniques and apply them to the javascript code at the heart of the app. when combined with other approaches such as hiding text encodings and data values, obfuscation renders code becomes an unusable mess for any attacker. well, let me put it in simple words. this means that even if an attacker is able to access the code, it will be far more difficult for them to decipher anything useful from it.meanwhile, runtime protection essentially makes the app’s script self-defending. anti-tamper controls can be woven into the code, enabling it to checksum itself in runtime. which means each and every time the app is booted up, it will check its own code to confirm that it’s in its original state and has not been tampered with anything. furthermore, it can be programmed in such a way that it directly responds to changes by becoming inoperative or even alerting the hybrid mobile app developer. one of the popular technique used by the attackers is to lift the code from the app and run it in the javascript- based code that is used in hybrid apps.in a nutshell,by focusing on protecting the javascript at the heart of the app, insurers can continue to reap the benefits of hybrid apps without compromising on security, claiming a greater share of the digital marketplace by deploying across more platforms without incurring extra costs and development times.findnerd.com

How Hybrid Mobile Apps Impacts The Insurance Industry?

Over the past few years, a new trend has been emerging; technology savviness has decreased and becomes less restricted to a specific age group. As a result, several business entities across all industries started organizing and creating mobile strategies accordingly. http://findnerd.com/list/view/How-Hybrid-Mobile-Apps-Impacts-The-Insurance-Industry/34591/

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With more and more people opting for it, the mobile app development career has been pretty much in vogue these days. And looking at the popularity and demand for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod, there is seen a dire need to choose the most in-demand mobile technology. https://programmingofthings.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/here-is-a-must-have-guide-to-become-an-ios-developer/

Get improved google assistant with the new Android oreo

We all know very well that Google has just officially launched Android 8.0 Oreo. And we get all news related to Android Oreo in all major site. There are lots of new and updated features are available with Android 8. https://www.whatech.com/mobile-apps/press-release/367783-get-improved-google-assistant-with-the-new-android-oreo

Do You Know Android P Development Has Already Started?

Google has already started developing Android P which may be called Android 9.0, as suggested by the Master Branch of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) which already contains some references to the upcoming iteration of the company’s ubiquitous operating system which will presumably be introduced in 2018. http://www.merchantcircle.com/blogs/etatvasoft/2017/8/Do-You-Know-Android-P-Development-Has-Already-Started-/1375396

For Those Who Find Themselves Too Old for Tech

For employers "Ageism" could be a taboo topic, but it's very much an industry reality, says veteran IT pros. Undoubtedly, the tech industry is filled with satisfying, high-paying jobs but at the same time, IT career comes with a deadline of sorts. https://www.hrzone.com/community/blogs/rakesh-patel/for-those-who-find-themselves-too-old-for-tech

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