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New York, NY

a year ago


Graffiti Hall of Fame

The Graffiti Hall of Fame started out as a place where up and coming street artists could polish their skills in a safe space and has since evolved into an amazing masterpiece. Located in the schoolyard of Jackie Robinson Education Complex in East Harlem, the walls have attracted internationally renowned street artists for over 30 years now. We recommend visiting when school isn’t in session so you can go inside and get a real feel for the art. Playground of Jackie Robinson Educational...See More

Let's Do Brunch

Serving up one of the best brunches in Willamsburg, Cafe Mogador is all about Moroccan-inspired cuisine. On the weekend, they have a prix fixe menu for $17 which comes with your choice of eggs benedict, homefries, salad, fresh orange juice as well as coffee or tea. Not too shabby considering they're large portions. If you're not in a rush, request to sit in the greenhouse-esque, cozy back patio! #BrunchSoHard #TeamBrunch #AlwaysHungry

All That Glitters is Gold...Literally

It's time to shine! Upon entering this (literally) gold place, you'll feel like you've hit the jackpot. Everything is g-o-l-d, gold. From the bright chandeliers to flooring to tables and the gold skulls adorning the gold walls. Not only the decor, but the vibe, the music, the bar are all on point. Creative cocktails, small plates and the live DJ makes it a perfect night out. #BlingBling #GoldBar #Gold #Jackpot Goldbar 389 Broome St, Little Italy

Cheers to Beers

A little off the beaten path, Beer Street is a fun, cozy place to test out some high quality brews. It’s got an awesome collection of local beers and a constant rotation of taps so you can get around to tasting something new just about every week. If you’re not sure which to choose, the bartenders can help you as they’re extremely knowledgeable in the art of beer. You can also order a 4 oz taste for about 3 or 4 dollars until you find the brew for you. #BeerisLife #HappyHour #CheerstoBeers

Step Inside the Dream House

Not your typical dream home with a 2-door garage, the “Dream House” is definitely worth seeking out if you’re in TriBeCa. Created in 1993 by a modern composer and visual artist, this unique exhibition space allows you to experience sound and light together as a new form. Upon arrival, you’ll be invited by a waft of calming incense and a nice hostess asking you to remove your shoes. Once you enter, be prepared to wander the rooms, meditate, sprawl out and completely immerse yourself in the...See More

Kickin' it old school at Record Grouch

Old music is good music. Not only were the songs always amazing, but also the experience of playing a CD or - if you're bit older - an LP. If sometimes the Spotify era makes you miss those times, it's OK. At Record Grouch you can find hundreds of cheaply priced LPs, 12"s, 7"s, CDs, books/zines & even cassettes priced between $7 and $15 bucks. For the most part, old records and imports are the specialty here so it's a bit tougher to g Tip: Make sure to bring cash. They do not accept...See More

Versy Vocal: Uber vs Taxi

New York City is arguably the taxi capital of America with a yellow cab almost everywhere in sight. But with economical transportation alternatives such as Uber and Lyft creeping in on the market share, which car do you hop in to get across town? According to a report by Morgan Stanley, there were 11.1 million taxi trips in April compared to 4.7 million Uber trips – but the 11.1 million taxi rides represented a 9% drop from 2015 compared to Uber’s 121% increase. Will Uber eventually become...See More

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Eggloo

When it comes to desserts, NYC doesn’t disappoint as proven by the city’s latest must-eat ice creamery, Eggloo. Replacing the average waffle cone with Hong Kong’s popular street snack egg waffle, they’ve put a twist on traditional. As if that wasn't enticing enough, their seasonal soft-serve is homemade and toppings are UNLIMITED. You have permission to go crazy with the almonds, pocky, fruity pebbles, condensed milk or whatever your stomach desires. If sweets aren't your thing, try out...See More

TONIGHT: Swing your partner round and round!

Known for being a small, grungy venue in Williamsburg where local bands and DJs perform ALL types of music, the Knitting Factory never ceases to amaze…this week’s lineup alone involved garage rock, hip-hop, electronic, pop, rap, you name it. But, its tonight’s show that really piqued our interest. From 6:30PM to 7:30PM, you can learn to square dance while listening to performances by bluegrass band, Gangstagrass and alternative country group, The Defibulators! Doors open at 6 PM though so be...See More

Last Call for Clowning Around!

Debunking the myth of the scary white-faced clown, don't miss out on the 10 year anniversary of the New York Clown Theatre Festival. Every year the festival invites clown luminaries from around the globe to come together for workshops, festivities and theater performances showing people that it's not all red noses and big shoes (although still hilarious). The festival comes to a close on Sunday so be sure to get your tickets before then! You can check out their remaining daily performances on...See More

Don't Miss Out on the Dada Movement This Weekend!

Last call for Dadaglobe Reconstructed at the MoMa. From June 12 through September 18, the expo will reunite over 100 works by more than 40 artists. It’s a travel back in time to the Dadaism, an art movement of the European avant-garde, where the focus of the artists was not on crafting aesthetically pleasing objects but on making works that often upended bourgeois sensibilities and that generated difficult questions about society, the role of the artist, and the purpose of art. Pretty trippy...See More

Edgy, Sexy, Fun and Stylish!

Let's explore something unlikely today. Did you know LA has an Iced Tea Festival? Today from 11am-5pm, tea enthusiasts can try and learn about teas from all over the world. A full day's worth of entertainment and fun for food and tea lovers- or just an option if you're bored and need something to perk you up! September 17, 2016- 10-5 PM Japanese American National Museum 100 N Central Avenue

So You're Hungry, Eh?

Have you ever had a Poutine? The famous Canadian dish is made of french fries topped with cheese curds and a light brown gravy. Save yourself the 5+ hour drive to Montreal and head to the village to Pommes Frites- it's the next best thing locally. 3 different portion sizes and your choice of sauces from sweet to hearty. Don't like it, blame Canada! Seriously. #FoodPorn #Poutine #PommesFrites #FrenchFries Budget friendly- under $10! Pommes Frites 128 Macdougal St

Versy Vocal: What makes NYC worth the #nycstruggle

Everyone that lives in New York knows the #nycstruggle. Finding an apartment is harder than finding a job and can feel like the urban Hunger Games. An empty subway car becomes inherently untrustworthy, so it's less of a "Yes!" and more of a "Uh oh, why" moment. Traffic is crazy, and like your mom used to tell you, REALLY have to look both ways. However, the big apple has undoubtedly has its charm and attracts people from all over. Amazing atmosphere, always something going on, awesome food,...See More

For the Urban Surfer...

Have you noticed that almost everyone thinks surfing is cool? I mean, even if you don't surf, you can't deny that it's dope to see what surfers do in the ocean. Pilgrim Surf + Supply is a beautiful surf shop that sells surf gear in the heart of Williamsburg. Over 2/3 of their floor space is dedicated to high quality dope stuffs, from boards to wetsuits to surf clothing. A modern approach to bringing surf gear to the area. SurfStore #Surfing Have you ever surfed? Upload your pictures and...See More

Fun for the whole group

Brooklyn Bowl embodies the soul of Williamsburg. Many different vibes under just one roof: a bowling alley, a bar, and a concert hall all with an insanely chill atmosphere. If you aren't in the bowling mood, there are a ton of TVs throughout the bar, so enjoy whatever sports game they're broadcasting. A great interest combo location for a group of friends. Eat. Drink. Rock. Roll. Bowl. Repeat. Brooklyn Bowl 61 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg

TONIGHT! Black Tiger Sex Machine!

Black Tiger Sex Machine is an electronic music trio of producers from Montreal, known for their heavy electro sound and post-apocalyptic visuals. These guys also hold the reputation of one of the best live acts. In one unique show they combine tracks, loops, drums, samples and synths into an intense audio experience- all while wearing their iconic Tiger Helmets. #ElectronicMusic #Music #BTSM How many tiger references can you list from pop culture? Tony the Tiger... just to kick it...See More

A Great Hidden Hang Out in Williamsburg

No Name Bar has, obviously, no name or sign indicating its existence. But you'll find it anyway and once you're there, it really feels like some kind of enchanted saloon from Lord of the Rings. Small and cozy, the main draw to this place, is the huge backyard area... a great spot while the weather lasts. Added bonus: Their Asian restaurant downstairs to grab a home made ramen and squid ink noodles with calamari. Keep it a secret, no one wants it overcrowded :) #HiddenSpot #LittleGem...See More

Urban Jungle + Time Warp= Fashion Favorite

This thrift store is pure happiness! It's the largest variety of vintage clothing in Williamsburg with reasonably priced items. Filled to maximum capacity, there you can find everything - from worn vintage shirts to $2 books, and a crazy amount of shoes. Maybe you can even find the love of your life between the books and tees. #yeahright #ifonly Tip: Nothing is organized by size, so keep that in mind. #ThriftShop #Vintage #Retro #TripInThe80s #BackInTime The Urban Jungle 118 Knickerbocker...See More

For the blind date that is going well...

Get the Southern experience in Williamsburg. From the moment you walk in and the smell of the food becomes intoxicating, instantly making you hungry. The ribs are ridiculously good and perfectly cooked. If you’re not a meat eater, the sides are are still worth the trip. Oh, and it's located in a strategic spot that allows for an easy transition to night drinks. #BBQ #Ribs #FoodPorn Mable’s Smokehouse 44 Berry St, Williamsburg

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