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Let's Go Ahead and Call the Debates What They Really Are

If you watched last week's debates you might be asking yourself – are these even worth it? We dug a little deeper for you. Let us know what you think!

Trump is Back at it Again

This tweet has stirred up A LOT of conversation about Trump today. Or laughs, rather. But – his commentary regarding Alicia Machado, was no laughing matter. Over the past few months we have seen Trump unashamedly fat-shame the former Miss Universe, and today (in the middle of the night) he took it one step further and tried to slut-shame her. Alicia, who has openly expressed her support for Hillary Clinton, didn't stay silent. Here's her response: "The Republican candidate and his...See More


Stanford Student Attacked for Wearing Hijab

“This type of stuff isn't okay.” Haters rushed to attack this Stanford Athletics ad. Because apparently they can't stand the image of a Muslim woman smiling, cheering and enjoying a football game...


LIVE: Will the real Trump please stand up?

Trump has flip-flopped on his stance on plenty of things, including immigration. It's time we hold him accountable for his words. What do you think Trump needs to come clean on? In this land of two Trumps... will either one make a good president?


This 27-year old is cooking for thousands of #NoDAPL activists:

Talk about a hero! Many are gathering to fight for their land and the future generations whom they hope will inhabit it. This women is cooking for thousands of Native Americans fighting against the Dakota Access pipeline. She's not leaving until it's done.


The faces and stories behind the fight:

"It's to be with my brothers and sisters...to stand as one and fight for this land." The fight against the Dakota Access pipeline has brought together a historic gathering of tribes from across North America, and they don't plan on leaving until their cries are heard.


Meet the indigenous activists fighting to protect their land:

These activists won't stand for the oil pipeline putting their sacred lands and water at risk. They are putting blood, sweat and tears to protect what they consider 'sacred land.' This week + weekend, we'll be taking you inside their world and fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

There was plenty of sexism in the Olympics –– did you notice it?

The Olympics are now over, but the sexist damage has been done. This week, we took a deep dive into all the sexist crap the ladies had to go through in the Olympics. What upset you most? How do you expect the Olympics and media to be better in 2020? Let us know! We're here chatting with you live.


There's Still a Massive Gold Glass Ceiling

The good news is, this year's Olympics has the most women athletes ever in the history. The bad news is that the Olympic gold glass ceiling is still present, even if women represent 45% of the athletes. This week, we'll be looking into the sexism in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

Trump doesn’t really believe Obama founded ISIS, so why does he keep saying it?

Last week, trump claimed that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton co-founded ISIS. And he was serious. Our Elections expert, Andrew Joyce, weighed in on why he may have said such a thing: After Trump's shocking comments, a conservative radio host attempted to help the Republican candidate articulate his oversimplified point. “I know what you meant,” Hewitt said to Trump, “you meant that he created the vacuum; he lost the peace—” “No,” Trump replied, interrupting the host, “No, I meant that...See More


Trump's back at it again

Did Trump really suggest shooting someone? How far is too far? It doesn't look like Trump knows the answer to that. Sadly, there's a lot where this came from. On the other hand, this generation gets to answer that for him, and determine what the future will look like this November. We'll be diving into Trump's deep end again this week looking at what he's said, and why we think he's said it. As always, share your thoughts with us in the comments!


What does the GOP really think about Trump?

"I hope Americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers or candidates." Even GOP members are shocked at Trump's comments—but they still support him. Why do you think that is?


One of the Many Reasons Obama Isn't Rooting for Trump

"I think the Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president." He said it himself. Obama, who –mind you– has had the role for 8 years now, does not think Trump should be our next president.


So, What Does Trump REALLY stand for?

In the middle of all the drama, it's easy to forget that Trump has actually made his stance on many issue quite clear. Many laughed when Trump announced his presidency, but no one is laughing now. Chat with us in the comments below share what a Trump presidency would mean to you. We're here with you live!

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