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5 months ago

Love = love

Today I was thinking about labels and how it comes into our lives. I do not particularly like labels, I think labels should be for products and not people. I am all about LOVE! Because it's just the love that moves me, love makes me who I am today, love made me and so I believe in it and love is greater than any label - straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, questioning and now intersexual ! Labels grow increasingly creating ever more freedom but more division !!! What do you think about this?

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Hey guys ! Did you know this was a RECORD year for OUT Olympians competing in the Olympic Games in Rio! What do you think about that ?! I love that more people are coming out in the public eye because the more that come out, the more "normal" it is in society. ALSO Do you think it is easier for women to come out then men? Out of 42 athletes only 11 are men. Let me know what you think! LETS TALK !

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