Woman hospitalized with entire shark still attached to her arm

Witnesses claim that the woman was with a group of swimmers who were "holding the shark by the tail" and "messing with it," which is what apparently pissed the animal off enough to make it bite. Responders tried to get the shark to let go, but the fish remained locked on even after it was dead. Paramedics transported the woman to the hospital with the shark still attached. OUCH!

Giro d'Italia stage 10

After the first 25 km, this mountain stage does not even feature a single flat metre. Just past Pistoia, the route climbs up Passo della Collina and across the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. After dropping quickly into Porretta Terme, the route climbs up again to tackle the Pietracolora categorised climb, leading into Valle del Samone. A short flat sector follows, leading to Marano sul Panaro. Here the route starts to climb and descend constantly over 70 km, all the way up to the Pian del Falco...See More

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