Melissa Mae


2 years ago

True Stories of Dopplegangers

A Doppleganger is an exact double of someone. Throughout history, people have reported seeing their doppleganger, or someone else has reported seeing them. This often happened as a premonition or a warning to someone of how they will die. Have you ever seen your doppleganger or has anyone told you that they saw you somewhere that you were not? #strange #unexplained #weird #mysterious #paranormal #dopplegangers #scary

Artistic Fun with Photo Editor

I'm in photo editing heaven sinse I downloaded this new app called simply, Photo Editor. Amazingly, this app uses less than 3MB to download and the capabilities of this app are just about limitless. If you are a skilled photo editor, there is no effect you cant create with this app. It is fun, doesn't use a lot of space in your phone and you can be as creative as you want with this app. I used it to design a notebook. #apps #androidapps #photoediting

About to delete this app

thanks self-absorbed people for showing me once again that i just waste my mobile data downloading this shit hoping that someone might actually want to interact with me here based on common interests.

Keep on Growing.

When you grow and change into a better person, you will have to leave some people behind because they dont fit your life and where it is going anymore. They dont fit who you are. You need people in your life who will help you become who you are destined to be and get where you are destined to go. And you need to do the same for them without hindering yourself. Everyone who comes into your life is there for a reason. Some where not meant to stay there. Can two walk together if they dont...See More

Johnny Depp

i love johnny depp quotes because the words from a persons mouth reveals what is in their heart. And from Johnny's words, i gather that even with all his fame, fortune, talent and good looks, he is not a narcissist. He believes in love. He believes in being in touch with his true emotional self and he believes in sharing that with others. He is humble and that is an amazing thing for someone such as himself. He's my hero. He's an example to all men of what a man should be like. Humility and...See More

Spinly Photo Editor

I downloaded a new photo editing app called Spinly. The PicsArt Photo Studio is my favorite bv it takes up so much MB and i wanted to free up s6e space in my phone. Spinly is a nice app and uses very little MB. My favorite thing about this app is the light leaks. This is a photo that i edited with the spinly app.

I haven't, and if it means I might die, I am quite glad about that. I am guessing twins don't count!