4 days ago

Built a new quad for carpark bashing. Used a dtfc flight controller I had lying around and some old school cobra motors. Hopefully will stop me breaking my shit every week

13 days ago

23 days ago

Quick video from some racing i did over the weekend. Bit sketchy as i was still learning the track, but this was the only hd footage i had. We had 7 pilots racing at the same time which was pretty impressive on such a tight course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfstN_L0krk

25 days ago

2 months ago

Not flown it yet apart from a quick hover in the living room. Should be ok though. These are different motors

Quality. I'm hitting the field with @Paul Ioannou tomorrow morning until dark. He's bringing your motor if you fancy popping down to. You do need some more track practice lol

Lol. Might be able to come out for an hour or so. Got family shit to do in the afternoon and going out carpark racing tomorrow night.